President Obama grilled on 'The View'

Fields questions on snacks, turbulence, pop culture


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Saturday was Clooney. Monday, Ricky Martin. And today, the celebrity-in-chief took more time out from creating and saving jobs to hang with the ladies of "The View."

Europe is on the brink. The stock market is in a free fall and California is bankrupt. Not a bad time for "The View" to ask the president some hard-hitting questions. Right?


ELISABETH HASSELBECK, 'THE VIEW': Snack on the road? What's your little snack?

OBAMA: You know, I am big on guacamole and salsa with chips. I'm big on that. And French fries always works.


BOLLING: Great. Guacamole and French fries.

OK, Whoopi, you can ask your tough question, right? Contraception, child care, fair and equal compensation for women --


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, 'THE VIEW': When you're on Air Force One, can you feel the bumps?


BOLLING: Really?

Hey, Joy what you got?


JOY BEHAR, 'THE VIEW': Which Kardashian was married for only 72 days?

OBAMA: That would be Kim.

BEHAR: Very good!


BOLLING: Wow, hard-hitting stuff. Not the -- I'm too lazy to write and research a segment, just so we can cut time here and do the culture quiz thing again. I guess so. Hey, President, pull up a chair. Right here, in the morning. We won't ask you about the bumps on Air Force One.

Bob, Kim Kardashian, Guacamole and chips. That's all they come up with?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, no, as a matter of fact, there were other questions that were asked that we decided not to add in this piece so for whatever reason that might be.

And, by the way, fair and equal payment for women, it was Barack Obama signed the Ledbetter Act, which actually gave women access to equal pay and equal rights. So, that's just dead wrong. This is a -- this makes sense, too. This could actually say Republicans in 2012, because brains are overrated.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: That's basically --

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Wait, we had to rehash that whole joke for that? I'm kind of --


BECKEL: I have nothing to do with it.

BOLLING: The reason why I brought it up, there is an hour. There is an opportunity to ask some tough questions. The economy, I don't think the committee came up once. I don't think the economy ever come up once. I don't think Europe came up once.

GUTFELD: It's "The View," Eric. It's not "Face the Nation" or "Meet the Press." I don't go to "The View" to hear those questions. I go to see what they're wearing.

BECKEL: Or not wearing.

BOLLING: But I think Bill O'Reilly has been on "The View." They give him some heat.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Yes, they give selective guests heat. President Obama is always a love fest. Now, he must be going on "The View" because he thinks he has a problem with women. And look, it's an excellent way to reach women at home during the day. But, again, I just - I think that this assumes that women are stupid, that somehow they are sitting at home wondering what the president, if he knows about that book, "Shades of Grey." His answer was funny about that when he was asked about that.

But this is what he is trying to communicate, that he likes guacamole and French fries, which I though they were banned, right? Isn't that a banned food from the White House?


BOLLING: Good, you define like the fact he went on Jay Leno. Does this do him any good?

PERINO: I wouldn't have advised it. Does it do him good? I think women are unsatisfied with him and his answers at this point.

It's great. It's fun. It's great to know that he and I share a love of guacamole and chips. I love that. I mean, that's my favorite, too.

But people are wondering, OK, that tax reform thing, got any plans for that? How about the immigration reform? Like how specifically are you going to do it? How will you be reaching across the aisle to get things done if you win, like you think that you will, or even that we hope that you will?

They're unsatisfied. And I think the White House needs to find and create some opportunities for President Obama, not just to give a speech, because we're tired. He is so overexposed and overrated that actually now are kind of wanting some answers and some actual meat on the bone for what he's going to accomplish.

BECKEL: Given his job performance ratings -- which have been low -- the fact that this guy is still so popular shown right here on "The View," that the audience he was after was those people, mothers who are staying at home, this guy is popular because he's good and he's a likable guy. Mitt Romney, regrettably, maybe not his fault, is not that likable.

BOLLING: See how likable he is. Roll the sound bite talking about Mitt Romney.


SHERRI SHEPHERD, 'THE VIEW': How tight do you think it's going to be with Mitt Romney?

OBAMA: When your name is Barack Obama, it's always tight. In that kind of environment, you know, it's a tough environment. And people say, you know what? I like the president. I think he's trying hard. But there are still a lot of problems in my life.

And that means that they are going to take a look at all the options. That's how democracy should work.

BARBARA WALTERS, 'THE VIEW': So, who is going to win?

OBAMA: Well, I'm going to win.



TANTAROS: And yet so humble. Tight. When you're in a room with his ego, that's when everything is tight.

BECKEL: What to you expect him to say? I'm going to lose?

BOLLING: No. The tight part. Hey, I'm tight. I got it together. Greg?

BECKEL: Is that what that meant in?

GUTFELD: I -- was it just me? I thought it was a veiled reference to race.

PERINO: Yes, I did, too.

GUTFELD: That he was saying like with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, it's going to be tight, that's what I got out of it, as a joke. I was more concern and worried for his health. I thought Barbara was going to leap over and attack him.

BOLLING: Four him, I guess so.

Bob, any chance we switch you over and maybe bring President Obama a seat right here sometimes?

BECKEL: Sure. I think President Obama, the first thing he likes to do is sit next to Eric Bolling. That would be his choice.

BOLLING: I think it'd be great. Can you ask him? He calls on the show --

BECKEL: The chance of that happening are virtually non-existent. And just don't feel bad about it. He just -- why would you show up with you?

BOLLING: I don't know.

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