Grapevine: Bakes sales to remain in MA schools

State backs off following public outcry


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Bully Pulpit

The Washington Post's 5,400 word article focusing on Mitt Romney's alleged bullying and prankster lifestyle while in high school is being criticized on the right.

The Post's own Jennifer Rubin notes the absence of long investigative pieces on President Obama. Rubin concludes -- quote -- "No wonder conservatives are suspicious of mainstream media."

Meanwhile, looking through the Post's archives from the 2008 campaign we found a total of two articles mentioning then-Senator Obama's high school years.

One of those spent $10,000 words describing how Hawaii shaped his life, his school friends' admiration for him, and briefly mentions his self-confessed drug use.

The other looks at how school sports influenced the presidential candidates.

Run Hillary Run

A new book claims Bill and Chelsea Clinton urged Hillary to challenge President Obama in the 2012 primaries.

Edward Klein quotes former President Clinton calling President Obama an amateur and incompetent at a family gathering last summer.

Clinton reportedly urged his wife -- quote -- "You know better than Obama does...The country needs you!"

The Clinton and Obama camps are both hitting back, calling Klein a known liar.

Klein -- a former New York Times magazine editor -- dismisses that.

Sweet Revenge

And updating a story we brought you earlier this week in our Friday-follow up segment...

Bake sales in Massachusetts' schools will not be given the boot.

Governor Deval Patrick asked health officials to reverse guidelines that would ban unhealthy foods at schools starting August 1st, meaning no more sweet treat sales.

After the subsequent public outcry, the state backed off and ordered classroom and fundraising events to be excluded from the rules.