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Cavuto: Angry bankers putting all politicians on notice

Financial guys are trying to topple Washington establishment


Hell hath no fury like an angry banker.

Dick Lugar found out the hard way.

I'm beginning to think Barack Obama will find out next.

Never keen on the Indiana moderate Republican.

But when Senator Lugar dared to vote against an amendment that would have blocked caps on debt card swipe fees…

They set out to swiping Lugar…and blocking him from getting another six years in office.

And that's when Marketwatch's Robert Schroeder reports commercial banks started sending their dollars to, as Schroeder put it,

"The little-known David who took on a Senate Goliath."

Of course, that little-known David was Indiana State Treasurer Richard Murdock, who pounded Lugar for being pro-spending, and anti-business.

Mourdock never said, anti-banks…he didn't have to. The banks made the connection for voters themselves.

President Obama...who's taken bashing banks to an art form. And now is forming a conga line of angry bankers eager to "Lugar" him as well.

I wouldn't bet my passbook savings account they'll succeed….

But then again, Richard Mourdock could be on the verge of becoming a United States senator precisely because most folks thought those banks pricey snit wouldn't succeed either.

Now Dick Lugar's packing.

Barack Obama?

Start worrying.

Because these financial guys might not topple you…but they sure are gonna try.

Bank on it.