Grapevine: Group asks Obama to give up junk food in public

Petition to stop unhealthy food in photos


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Law and Disorder

Two new studies show environmental groups are collecting millions of dollars from the federal agencies they regularly sue -- under a little known law.

The Equal Access to Justice Act was passed three decades ago to help the little guy stand up to the feds and recoup legal fees if he could prove that government agencies wronged him.

However, the act also covers non-profits including groups that aggressively sue over environmental issues.

Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso says the law was intended to help veterans and seniors, except -- quote --"environmental groups have hijacked the law and abused it to fund their own agenda."

Green groups disagree saying it helps their efforts in protecting conservation and the planet and that the reimbursements don't come close to covering their legal expenses.

Funny Business

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" scrapped a skit poking fun at President Obama politicizing the anniversary of the bin Laden raid and replaced it with a sketch mocking the "Fox and Friends'" morning show that airs on this network.

The rejected script was obtained by the Daily Caller.

It featured actor Fred Armisen as President Obama celebrating "Killing Usama Bin Laden Day."

The show's executive producer tells the New York post the switch wasn't about politics but about comedy.

Doctor's Orders

Finally, a health care advocacy group is asking President Obama to 86 any future junk food photo-ops because they set a bad example.

A group of doctors is filing a petition calling for an executive order barring the president, the first family, Vice President Biden and all cabinet members from eating unhealthy foods in public.

If signed, that would mean no more White House trips to local burger joints.