Common Sense

Cavuto: Occupiers cool, Tea Partiers not cool?

Media fawns over anti-capitalist movement

Tea Partiers...not cool.

That's all I can figure.

Because if I had a dime for every positive mention I've seen in the media of the Occupy Wall Street movement...I'd occupy a mansion in Beverly Hills right now.

...which says something about a movement that has no focus that it can be the focus of so much fawning press.

A Rolling Stone interview with no less than President Obama that asks how Occupiers have changed him...but say not a word about Tea Partiers who've changed this country.

No, Tea Partiers bringing strollers and kids...square.

Occupiers pitching tents and many lighting joints...not square.

Tea Partiers peacefully reciting the Pledge of Allegiance...corny.

Occupiers not so peacefully railing at capitalism itself...cutting edge-ey.


This media fixation with folks we deem cool, but who are clueless.

Yet dismissing those who aren't cool, but very focused.

One group bitches at the system for screwing them in this country...

The other works within that system to save this country.

It's interesting who the media decides gets it and who does not.

Or who's cool and who's not.

I guess it's easier to bitch at this country and get good press.

Than come up with specific ideas to save this country, and get no press.

But I suppose it's easier to praise those occupying our streets.

Than to ever ask a single one of them whether they're occupying anything reality.