What's occupying Al Gore's head?

Former VP calls for an American spring


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So Al Gore spoke at Hampshire College last Friday. There, he told students, quote, "We need an American spring this spring. We need to occupy democracy."

And so, you have Gore comparing the world's greatest achievement -- American democracy -- to places experiencing real oppression and real suffering. What do you think is occupying Gore's head? Whatever it is, it's angry and fuzzy, like overheated Labradoodle, proving once again that any thinking life form is capable of being vice president, and so was Al Gore.

Personally, I think this is just an orchestrated campaign to make Joe Biden to look presidential.

Anyway, this comes as May Day brings us more Occupy Wall Street protest. You remember them, those kids putting on a show for mommy and daddy. You got riots in S.F. as creeps broke windows and spray painted cop cars.

In New York, envelopes holding white powder -- relax, Bob, not that powder -- were sent to banks with this threat just in case you needed incentive to stop working. We have a surprise for you.

Yes, OWS has returned to its creepy origins. And on cue, five anarchists were arrested trying to blow up a Cleveland bridge. This is class warfare charged with envy and hate. That becomes real warfare.

But don't worry, young terrorist. In 20 years, we'll all be laughing about this as you host fundraisers for this hot progressive.

Bob, you got to admit, Cleveland is a big deal, anarchist.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: They're not at all not associated with Occupy Wall Street.

GUTFELD: It happens on May Day.

BECKEL: But they're not associated with Occupy Wall Street.

GUTFELD: Not yet.


BECKEL: OK. But the way you left an impression was that they were.

But, look, there were Protest 125 cities. And, yes, a couple of cop cars were spray painted in San Francisco and a few people --

GUTFELD: How do you defend them?

BECKEL: Wait a minute -- a few windows were broken out of 125 cities. I think that's nothing. You call it terrorists.

GUTFELD: But you always say it's something. Every day this happens, you say it's nothing. I get it. You sympathize with the cause. And that allows you to overlook this stuff. I can't overlook it.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I am happy it happened. I'm thrilled they took May Day and they spray painted and broke some windows, because it proves one thing -- that Occupy Wall Street will never be the Tea Party, will never be the left's version of the Tea Party, because they can't help themselves from falling in to that anarchy, fight the power. Instead of being really smart, smart --


BOLLING: Tea Party is a group that got 80 people elected to Congress.


BOLLING: Do you know how many people were elected to Congress because of Occupy Wall Street? Zero.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: What if the Tea Party members tried to blow up a bridge?

BOLLING: You can't say Occupy Wall Street try to blow up a bridge either.

GUTFELD: The only bridge they're dealing with are the ones in their mouth. They're trying to blow up stuff.

BECKEL: You can tell the difference when somebody blows up a bridge and you connect it and you got evidence to Occupy Wall Street, fine.

Otherwise, don't say it.

TANTAROS: They look the same, Greg. They sound the same. And think about all the taxpayer dollar across the country spent on, I don't even know -- it doesn't make sense. Glaze right by it.

Think about all the taxpayer dollars that are spent downtown to deliver this non-message.

So, a friend of mine calls me. He said they are standing in front of Rudy and Romney downtown and they are screaming, immigrant rights. I mean, of all the people, you are screaming that to Rudy Giuliani, who is one of the best mayors.

Another one, they were screaming in front of the cops going, unions work, unions work. And the cop is like, I'm in a union you idiot. What are you doing?

BECKEL: There were also about 50 cops in front of this building, there was protesters of about 10, 15, but nobody but the cops stayed there.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's actually a good point. You have all of these guys that could protect the city that have to waste their time dealing with dirt bags.

BECKEL: They could have left this job.

GUTFELD: No, they have to do their job. If there is a threat to this building, they have to be here.

I want to ask you, Dana, May Day. Why May Day? Didn't 100 million people die from communism?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: That's what -- when Eric said that he was glad that they used it. And I thought, well, yes, because now we can all be reminded. Walter Meade (ph) today wrote a great piece about Cuba. People still tried to flee because of what is going on there. It's not like it's some paradise that everybody wants to go to, though, some people would like to --

GUTFELD: Yes. All of this comes basically romanticizing an attack on class. It makes it OK to, I don't know, break things, any kind of private property, because we're demonizing the effect of just owning something is somehow wrong.

BECKEL: Windows and a couple of cars spray-painted, does that make you a bad day?

GUTFELD: Over a year, there's been 1,000 plus crimes.

BOLLING: I'll give you one thing -- if the administration and the Democrats are smart enough to distance themselves from Occupy in enough time, they start up the path, Obama even mentioned them. He said, you know, this isn't good for us.

Why can't you?

BECKEL: Because I happen to agree with them. I don't have to worry about being re-elected or anything else. I think what they say about the class differences is exactly right.

GUTFELD: But you know who's running this, is Adbusters, they're anarchists. They like violence. They want total --

BECKEL: I thought you guys said there was no leadership.


BECKEL: I thought you said there was no leadership to it.

GUTFELD: Thank God, they have inept leadership. But Adbusters is the one that started this whole thing and they're anarchists.

PERINO: It's interesting that we ask before if Democrats are distancing themselves from Occupy Wall Street. And today, President Obama totally stepped on their message by going on to a secret trip to Afghanistan. So, I think for sure, they are distancing.

GUTFELD: Why is this a hate crime? Why aren't these things seem -- they are attacks on American society. Why isn't it a hate crime?

TANTAROS: Well, right. I mean, we just heard Beckel go off about attacks on Christians in other countries and violence on people in another country. What about the violence to women here in this country? What about on -- I'm a Christian. If I go downtown, I don't think I would --

BECKEL: We are talking about 20 women and children killed in the church on a Sunday. I don't think you quite equate that --

TANTAROS: How about the women raped down on Occupy Wall Street?

BECKEL: You are so worried about your city, nothing happened here.

It's just gotten dirty. I mean, so what?

GUTFELD: All right. One more thing is up next. If you leave now, you won't be invited to my weekend pool party. It's going to be awesome.

Bolling is wearing a Speedo.

PERINO: And it's a kiddie pool.


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