Common Sense

Cavuto: Occupy movement is an example of selective outrage

Less about promoting workers; more about bashing job creators


Get ready for a May Day to remember.

Wall Street demonstrators certainly want to make it that way.

They're planning marches all over the world tomorrow to commemorate what is already recognized as International Workers' Day.

But Occupiers aren't out to promote workers, as much as bash the folks who hire them, or as they see it, abuse them.

They'll make their point any way they can.

And they're urging you to do the same any way "you" can...

By skipping work or school to join the protest.

But here again, I ask, protest what?

The evil one percenters?

Those sinister s-o-b's pocketing a few hundred grand?

All of 'em? Or just "some" of 'em?

I'm going out on limb here, but I’m willing to bet that pathetic percentage won't include union bosses, who make that dough...

Or green company executives who make a lot more than that dough.

Or lobbyists for such folks who advocate spending taxpayers' money, and thereby "earn" that dough.

No, they'll get a pass.

Here's who won't.

Bank guys, once criticized for lending too, for "not" lending.

And oil guys. Once criticized for making too, for just breathing.

You're for spending more taxpayer dough...good.

If you're for reining in that spending of taxpayer dough...bad.

If you're a boss who won't let your workers take the day off and protest...bad.

If you're a worker for such a boss and leave your colleagues to pick up the slack so you can take the day off and protest...good.

Because this isn't about being fair.

It were, then you would just as much protest the half of all American households paying "no" income taxes...than the evil, greedy one percent paying the lion's share of the taxes.

No, these guys want to occupy streets.

They have no interest in occupying...reality.