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Cavuto: Beware billionaires when they get bored

Tech CEO's taking over space business


Beware billionaires getting bored.

They get fidgety.

And they get spacey.

And I mean, "really" spacey.

As in deep space.

As in, "let's go mining asteroids" in deep space.

It's true.

Google chief executive Larry Page and chairman Eric Schmidt are both in on something so far out, it almost makes you want to Google the words "cosmic crazies" and see what comes up.

Bet you… these guys do!

Which is weird when you consider the fact, they don't exactly need the dough.

..The two of them "put together" could line up all their money, stacked in 100-dollar-bills, end-to-end, and have enough to stretch to the moon and back.

But this ain't about mining the moon, like I said; this is about mining asteroids for precious metals.

Now I’m thinking to myself: "self, why would guys worth "billions" bother?"

Because we're talking "trillions" here! That's why!

Then it hit me like a "danger, will Robinson," warning from the robot in "lost in space."

Google's already taken over the earth… now the guys behind it want to kick a little "ass-teroid" in space!!

And they ain't alone…

Their Seattle-based "planetary resources" has the backing of billionaire Ross Perot

And international software founder Charles Simonyi, who founded "space adventures" - the first company to "sell" space travel…and who's been in space twice himself, by the way.

So stick that in your re-entry rocket, NASA!!

You're out. These guys are in!

And these guys are rocketing…

…they aim to launch a telescopic space surveyor in less than two years, that will orbit the earth and identify metal and other element-rich asteroids…then lasso those suckers and start prospecting them two years after that.

Pricey nonsense, you say?

Over their "Werner Van Braun!"

They've crunched the numbers… say it's even pricier to get some of this stuff out of the earth's crust… to say nothing of how damaging to the environment "that" can be.

And trust me; these guys love the environment here.

Just not as much up there.

Trash the asteroid.

Just don't trash the earth.

So take that, commander Bruce Willis:

You saved the planet "destroying" an asteroid, and died.

These guys are saving the planet "leveraging" an asteroid, and getting rich.

But then again, Bruce, you and Ben Affleck and Billy Bob Thornton were just millionaire actors following a script.

These dudes are billionaire visionaries… following… what seems like voices in their helmets.