The Real Obama: Carter 2.0

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Time now for our next installment of The Real Obama. And tonight, while Governor Mitt Romney is spreading a message of hope that a better America is still possible, President Obama is using divisive class warfare rhetoric. And he's starting to sound more and more like one of his predecessors, and that being Jimmy Carter.

Now, thanks to our friend Jeffrey Lord over at The American Spectator, he has put together some examples to prove this. Listen to this.


PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER, 1980: The Republican alternative is the biggest tax giveaway in history.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, 2012: They want to spend trillions of dollars more in tax breaks for the very wealthiest of Americans, even if it means adding to the deficit.

CARTER: They call it Reagan-Kemp-Roth. I call it a free lunch that Americans cannot afford.

OBAMA: The last thing we can afford to do is to go back to the very same policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

CARTER: The Republican tax program offers rebates to the rich, deprivation for the poor and fierce inflation for all of us.

OBAMA: Do we want to keep tax cuts for the wealthiest American who don't need them and didn't ask for them? Or do we want to make sure that they are paying their fair share?


HANNITY: Sounds eerily similar now doesn't it?

Joining me now with reaction, Fox News contributor Liz Cheney, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams.

Though I see those smirk, a smile there, Mr. Williams. It's 32 years later. This is all you guys on the left got -- class warfare. Class envy, demonizing big oil companies.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, you know, it's wishful thinking to think that somehow Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter reborn. I mean, I guess they could have brought up Ed Musky or Gene McCarthy or some other weak down the...

HANNITY: I think that Carter's right. I think Carter just about -- well, all right. Let me -- you know, Liz, to me, this election is probably most like Reagan/Carter, and as much as you know, liberalism on display, class warfare, the rhetoric is the same. And the results of the Carter administration, very similar to what we see with Obama.

LIZ CHENEY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Right. Well, and you know, The Wall Street Journal reported this morning Sean that the American people are more deeply concerned about the long-term prospects of our nation than they have been at any time since the 70s.

But I actually think Barack Obama is even worse. You know? I think you've got now, you've seen an unprecedented assault on American freedom and liberties from the Oval Office, whether it's what we saw today with let's crucify business, to these restrictions on how our families can operate on family farms, to attempts to limit our freedom of religion. You know, I would pose it here that this president that we have in the oval office now is much more radical, even than Jimmy Carter and in that sense, more dangerous to the nation.

HANNITY: Well, and I am going to add one thing that actually, Juan, this is a compliment, you may be surprised. I actually think that Barack Obama is a better politician. He projects the image better. He sells liberalism, socialism, whatever you want to call it better. But the words remain the same. Like the song remains the same.

Let me give you another example, this is Jimmy Carter attacking the GOP for being supporters of big oil. And then we hear Barack Obama. Very similar, again.


CARTER, 1980: After the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the Republicans in the White House have still done nothing to meet the threat to the national security of our nation. Then, as now, their policy was dictated by the big oil companies!

OBAMA, 2012: They just voted to keep giving billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to big oil companies that are raking in record profits.

OBAMA: A few weeks ago, Congress had a chance to stand up for families already paying an extra premium at the pump. Congressional Republicans voted to keep spending billions of Americans' hard earned tax doctors on more on unnecessary subsidies for big oil companies.

OBAMA: Members of Congress have a simple choice to make. They can stand with the big oil companies, or they can stand with the American people.


HANNITY: All right, Juan, big oil, big business. The evil rich. Tell me what sounds different. What has changed in 32 years?

WILLIAMS: Well, it's not about the evil rich. But I think it's going after the powerful oil companies and the tremendous subsidies they take from the country at a time when the country has a big deficit.

Look, in political terms, you know, Jimmy Carter face a terrible challenge from the Democrats from the left, coming from Teddy Kennedy, or you even think about somebody like the first President Bush, who didn't get re-elected, he had a big challenge from Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot. Barack Obama has no challenge coming from within his own party.

HANNITY: Right. That's a good point.

WILLIAMS: There's in fact a tremendous unity coming from this -- unity on the part of Democrats behind Obama.

HANNITY: Good point, Liz, but, there is one missing thing, we still have failed results. And every time these big government programs, an attack on free market capitalism, when you use divisive rhetoric like this, especially coming out of a period where their programs have been tried, implemented and have failed, I think that's -- that's the determining factor here or am I wrong?

CHENEY: No, you are right. And in fact, in 1980, Hamilton Jordan, then Jimmy Carter's chief of staff, wrote them a memo which laid it out, that said, at the end of the day, you are going to be judged on the results of your presidency. And that's exactly what we are going to see this time around.

You know, I think that what make this is really so heartbreaking from the perspective of the nation is that we face real problems. We face real challenges with this debt crisis that is looming over us, the diminishment of American power and might around the world. And what we see in response from this president is, you know, let's attack big oil. Let's attack the rich, let's divide the nation. You know, he's looking for anything he can do that's going to get cheers from an audience because he cannot stand in front of the American people -- even Barack Obama can't stand in front of the American people and say, he's been a successful president.

HANNITY: Are you better off? Yes, and it's going to be personal. Are you better off?

WILLIAMS: Wait a second, Liz.

HANNITY: Are you better off than four years ago? Go ahead.


HANNITY: Last word.

WILLIAMS: But Liz, hold on a second. You know, today, Chrysler has record earnings. GM is in business. You know, bin Laden is dead, al-Awlaki is dead, Qaddafi is dead.


HANNITY: And 47 million Americans were in poverty. And one in seven Americans needs food stamps.


WILLIAMS: Sean, that's a shame, but we have a recovery --

CHENEY: Imagine, Juan, what we would be looking at if we actually had good policies. Imagine what that recovery would look like if we had actually had in place policies that understood you need to support business, not crucify it.

HANNITY: And five trillion in debt. You forget those points.

WILLIAMS: But Liz, you are speculating?

HANNITY: All right. We have to run. And I have always used the term, Juan, that Barack Obama's Jimmy Carter on steroids. And I think I am being proven right.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's right. Don't underestimate him.

HANNITY: She's going to lose in a second term. Probably by a bigger margin than you think.

WILLIAMS: We'll see.

HANNITY: Lose a second term.

CHENEY: Won't underestimate the damage he can do, Juan.

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