'Occupy' movement a big hit in Iran

American professors wax poetic overseas


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, some U.S. professors went on a trip to wax lovingly about Occupy Wall Street in Iran. I guess North Korea was all booked up.

Anyway, here are these knuckleheads talking.


ALEX VITAR, PROFESSOR AT BROOKLYN COLLEGE: Well, we know it's had some impact both locally and nationally, but the impact still been limited.

I think many people are waiting to see the effect on this year's national elections.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think that the movement is going to be incredibly active in pressuring the politicians to start addressing issues of social inequality.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In May, the G-8 summit will occur in Chicago. And many groups are planning to converge on Chicago with some kind of demonstration.


GUTFELD: And some food in that beard.

So, do these tools not realize that Iran is designated by the U.S. government as state sponsor of terrorism? And that anything they bought there, that's taxed technically makes them support of material terrorism?

Worse, the mullahs wouldn't let these jerks occupy a phone booth without government consent. Yet, they are over there complaining about us?

Don't they realize that if they really spoke, truth to power is there, they'd be occupying a grave?

I guess it's a measure of your ideas when you must travel to a land run by prehistoric heathens to find someone or anybody who listen to you. But scrutiny here should be on the schools that employ these losers. One Occupy Wall Street activist is also a sociology professor, whatever that is, at Fordham. That's a Jesuit university. And they should know better.

Brooklyn College and the City University of New York are funded by, you guessed it, the New York City government. The tax dollars are paying the salaries of these professors. And then in tradition of the left becoming the enemy's pawn, Iran's government run TV already claims that Occupy Wall Street is, quote, "likely to topple the U.S. administration," which is wishful thinking for the professors, too, I reckon.

But if it were up to them, they'd probably title their American courses "great Satan studies."

Bob, I got you a guest in honor of this monologue. It's the new Occupy handbook.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, thank you. Did you sign it?

GUTFELD: Remember, you bought -- you had me donate money to the Occupy cause. I thought I'd get you a book.

BECKEL: That's great.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: It looks like you didn't read it either before.

GUTFELD: I didn't open it. Actually, I got it for free.

BECKEL: I'll read it and I'll make notes for you.

GUTFELD: I found it upstairs. Hey --

BECKEL: Go ahead.

GUTFELD: I got to ask you, because you've seen this -- you know, in American history, people who commiserate with the enemy, whether it's Walter Durante in New York, you know, covering up crimes at Stalinism, doesn't it bother you when progressives and leftists, not all of them, but some of them, commiserate with the enemy? Doesn't that make them the enemy?

BECKEL: You know, look, this is four professors. It's not helpful obviously. I mean, I think they try to put it off and try to think students there how to organize so they can help topple their government.

That's certainly not what the Iranian government is getting out of this.


BECKEL: So, no, that's not helpful.

But I don't think you can blankly indict the entire Occupy movement over all four professors, all of whom look like they are right central casting --

GUTFELD: It's true. And by the way, I have to indict all of them, or I wouldn't have a monologue.

BECKEL: OK. I'm sorry. I really don't want to step on that.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Did you see some of the names on this, Greg? You see on the front cover, you have here Paul Krugman, Michael Lewis, Bob Reich (ph), Nouriel Roubini, Matt Taibbi. No surprises there.

BECKEL: Are you even on there?

BOLLING: No, believe it or not.

GUILFOYLE: No surprise there either.

GUTFELD: Here's the thing. OK. Dana, is this movement now toxic to the Democrats? Like you can't like -- you can no longer say they're doing a great job when you've got professors in Iran that are sworn enemies.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Well, the naivety of professors is stunning. So, then you have to wonder, it's not only the taxpayers that are paying for it. But if your child is a student of one of these folks, you might want to get your money back.

Occupy, I think they're going to try to make, there's a big thing coming up May 1st, that's the big Labor Day. And they are supposed to shut down -- I think we'll know a little bit more then how big it's going to be.

But I don't think that the Democrats necessarily want to distance themselves so much from crazy ideas. Just last Friday, we were talking about Nancy Pelosi wants to change the Constitution, the First Amendment amended so that we can get rid of the Citizens United.


BOLLING: I think it is toxic to the Democrats now. I mean, we had, over the weekend, we had communist group say that communism is alive. And anyone who disagrees with it should be voted out of the Congress and Senate. And then we have the Occupy group here. I'm thinking that as you get a little further down the road, those two groups are coming together.

And the right is going to point that out.

BECKEL: Go ahead, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. All I was going to say I have a problem with this because it's just the preaching hate of America, of everything that this country has been founded on. And it shouldn't be certainly afforded by taxpayer dollars to have these professors go to a state sponsor of terrorist.

GUTFELD: I thought you would be for that, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: I know. It's shocking.

BECKEL: The reason that Democrats can't distance themselves from this is the decision has been made to take the premise of the 1 percent versus the rest of us.


BECKEL: The other thing that's happened that's interesting is the White House made a decision, the Obama campaign, to move Mitt Romney off to the right and keep him there.


BECKEL: Which is why they want to be sure that they continue to approach the middle undecided voters with this idea of inequality. And so, they can't distance themselves from it but it doesn't matter.

GUTFELD: I think it's a good point. Really quick, I was really excited. Van Jones was speaking at the Green Festival on April 21st. This is what he had to say.


VAN JONES, FORMER GREEN JOBS CZAR: There is no vast right wing conspiracy, because conspiracies are secret. Conspiracies are secret.

They don't make any secret about this.


GUTFELD: That sounds so familiar. I thought somebody else might have said the same thing three or four days earlier.

Is there a vast left wing for? Of course not. Conspiracy is something you do in secret. It's hidden. No one knows about it.


PERINO: It's fantastic.

BECKEL: You're writing for Van Jones.

GUTFELD: I'm writing for Van Jones. Him and I, we get together once in a while. I say stuff about the right and he changes it about the left.


GUTFELD: It works perfectly.


GUILFOYLE: Have you two ever been seen in the same place at the same time?

BOLLING: Later in your thing, you didn't blame the right wing for the death of children, did you?


BOLLING: In his field, he did.

GUTFELD: Next week, I will, though.

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