Common Sense

Cavuto: We are getting cooked

Why are we paying for our own cooking?


Do any of you remember that old Twilight Zone episode where these aliens come to earth and start doing all this wonderful stuff for humans...?

Promising peace and sharing technology...

Ending diseases and providing drugs that miraculously prolong human life.

All's good. They're great.

The United Nations thrilled.

Mankind wow'ed.

But not "all" mankind.

..Including some professors who manage to steal one of the aliens' books left for humans, appropriately entitled, "to serve man."

After some hard work, one of them shockingly discovers "to serve man" isn't "the good book," it's a "cook book!" to serve man means just what it serve man...on a plate.

Humans lining up like cattle-to-slaughter in one alien rocket ship after their intergalactic hosts weigh them and then send them on their supper-in-the-stars way.

Could you imagine these guys' delight if they got a hold of me...I can hear 'em now as they watch me board their ship..."tonight, guys!! We'll eat like kings!!"

But I digress.

Now..."picture if you will," less suspicious, but just as sinister beings pulling a similar stunt now.

Beings like Nancy Pelosi...I know, not from outer space...although oftentimes I wonder.

...saying this...

I'm immediately saying...they're doing a re-make of that Twilight Zone show!

But then I remember, "No, I’ve heard this before."

Like when a certain presidential candidate took on a certain plumber, accidentally revealing said candidate's real intentions.

"Now" do you see?

Words so soothing, you almost forget we're the ones getting sauced.

They've given us the recipe...

We've just been too busy to see "we" are the ingredients!

It's a cookbook.

We're the ones cooked!!

And to add insult to injury...We're the ones paying to "be" cooked!!

We've gone from "yes, we can" to "yes, but just a pinch more salt."