Speaker Pelosi Moves Into High-Rent District

New Digs

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi upgraded her San Francisco district office last fall when she moved into a new office building with a rent of almost $19,000 a month, paid for by taxpayers.

Roll Call reports that's the highest rent for any House member's office, and almost double the next-highest. Pelosi's staff maintains the new office space is nearly a third larger, has increased security measures and saves taxpayer money through its energy-saving features.  

Double Standard?

Some on the right are claiming a double standard when it comes to the media's treatment of presidential golf. 

A Washington Post article from this weekend criticizes a conservative blog posting on President Obama's decision to play golf Sunday as the Gulf spill continued to flow. The president has played a total of seven rounds of golf since the rig explosion and the beginning of the leak. But the Post concludes, "So what?  Surely even the president deserves, and probably needs, some downtime."

However, back in 2002 a Post article devoted more than 600 words to President Bush's so-called "golf-cart diplomacy" and the struggle to balance work with play.

Not for Lack of Trying

Despite a police officer in a patrol car out front, a manned security booth, and electronic surveillance, thieves managed to steal two bikes out of D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty's open garage. 

One officer even watched the crime in progress. The police union says the officer inside the guard booth followed procedure, because he cannot leave his post, and can only call for backup.

The mayor's office says the Fenty family accepts full responsibility for the open garage.