Slashing Food Stamps to Fund Child Nutrition Bill?

Money Chase


Some House Democrats are calling it robbing Peter to pay Paul: Slashing money for food stamps to fund a child nutrition bill being pushed by first lady Michelle Obama. It would be the second raiding of the food stamp budget this summer after money was taken out to pay for the $26 billion state aid bill.

The Hill newspaper reports more than 100 House Democrats are urging speaker Nancy Pelosi to take the House version of the nutrition bill, which does not slash food stamps, over the Senate version, which does, and has administration support.

The Senate bill sets up a 9 percent benefit reduction for a family of four in 2013.

Give and Take

The former head of the Florida Republican Party wants a refund from the former Republican who is still governor. Jim Greer says he needs the $9,600 he gave to Charlie Crist's now-independent Senate campaign to pay for his defense against felony corruption charges.

Greer writes, "I know sending the money back is hard... I hope you see there was never anyone more loyal to you than me, even when on so many occasions it was against my own interests."

Crist has already been criticized for his relationship with Greer, whom he hand-picked for the job, but the governor has not announced whether he will return the money.

Come On In

Over the weekend the president took a 27-hour trip to the Gulf Coast, and swam in the water to show it was safe to enjoy. But, he did it without the media -- only a White House-released photo documented the dip.

The president told reporters he didn't want a photograph like the one of him shirtless on vacation that was splashed across newspapers, magazines and TV. White House officials said it was just easier to have the official photographer there instead of a press scrum.

CBS's Mark Knoller writes, "By having a White House photographer shoot the photo, Obama controls the hard-body analysis." The Associated Press noted that, "The Obamas swam off Alligator Point; which is in the Saint Andrew Bay -- not the Gulf."

But, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin preferred a picture of President Obama from the trip with his teleprompters, which she dubs Teleprompter of the United States or "TOTUS" one and two. Malkin writes they accompany the president to "let Americans know that the Gulf is open for scripted rhetoric."