Republicans Have Something New to Worry About

Caught on Tape

Everyday citizens armed with cell phones and flip-cams are the newest foot soldiers in political warfare.  On the heels of North Carolina Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge's recent confrontation with a questioner that went viral, the Democratic National Committee is launching a new website devoted to capturing such off-the-cuff moments.

The DNC's aim is to hold "Republican candidates accountable for their claims -- their public statements -- and their campaign tactics." The site offers instructions for how to properly record a public event and allows users to input their zip code to find nearby GOP events.

Race to the Head of the Class

Reverend Jeremiah Wright is back in the headlines for some remarks he made while teaching a seminar in Chicago last week.

The New York Post reports President Obama's former pastor says whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America: "White folk done took this country. You are not now -- nor have you ever been -- nor will you ever be -- a brother to white folk."

Wright also criticized Martin Luther King Jr. for preaching non-violence, saying the civil rights movement was "always about becoming white."

On the Job Hunt

It didn't take long for former Washington Post blogger David Weigel to find a new gig. He has joined MSNBC as an exclusive paid contributor.

We told you Weigel resigned last week after e-mails he wrote on the liberal listserve JournoList leaked out and included disparaging remarks about the very conservatives he was assigned to cover.

BigGovernment.com's Andrew Breitbart is offering what he calls a $100,000 reward for the full JournoList email archive, calling the listserv: "the epitome of progressive and liberal collusion that conservatives... have long suspected...exists at the heart of contemporary American political journalism."