IRS Hiring for Health Care

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Now Hiring

The Internal Revenue Service says it needs to expand its workforce to deal with the president's health care law.

U.S. News and World Report notes the newly released IRS budget requests more than 1,000 new auditors and staffers -- plus new facilities -- that will cost taxpayers more than $359 million for fiscal year 2012.

That includes 81 workers, costing $ 11.5 million, assigned to make sure tanning salons pay the new 10 percent tax.

Republicans are highlighting that the IRS says the health care law -- quote -- "represents the largest set of tax law changes in more than 20 years."

A Way With Words

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich might need a reminder that he has the right to remain silent.

A video posted on YouTube shows Kasich speaking at an event in which he repeatedly describes a police officer who gave him a ticket as an idiot. His story was ultimately about treating people with respect.

A Fraternal Order of Police president told a local TV station that -- quote -- "every officer is going to take offense to that."

A Kasich spokesman said it was only an anecdote and -- quote -- "like most people, [the governor] doesn't enjoy getting a ticket.  He holds law enforcement in the highest regard."

Birthday Surprise

And finally, the lavish birthday celebrations honoring North Korea's Kim Jong Il apparently provided the perfect opportunity for a North Korean man to escape his impoverished country, slipping out to South Korea.

Reuters reports South Korean military and spy agency officials could not explain how the man managed to walk across the 2 1/2 mile wide minefield and past North Korean guards.

We told you Tuesday the regime struggled to provide luxury gifts typically doled out for the occasion with reports saying many fake designer items were purchased in bulk from China.