Iran's Advice for Egypt

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Denial Ain't Just a River...

Iran is urging restraint by the Egyptian government during protests in that country. The Tehran Times quotes a foreign ministry spokesman saying -- "Egyptian officials are expected to avoid the use of violence in dealing with the people."

Michigan Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotter tells Fox -- quote -- "It's bitterly ironic and instructive how the Iranian regime that silenced Neda Soltan now wants the Egyptian protesters heard."

Neda Soltan was a young woman shot and killed during protests in Iran in the summer of 2009.

On the Money

First-term Florida Republican Congressman David Rivera reportedly paid himself more than $60,000 in unexplained campaign reimbursements over the eight years he served in the state legislature.

The Associated Press says records show Rivera did not give any details for more than a-third of the roughly $160,000 in expenses for which he reimbursed himself. Rivera is under investigation for a series of financial irregularities, both personal and campaign-related.

Rivera denies any wrongdoing; his campaign telling Fox -- quote -- "all information provided was accurate and all expenses properly reported."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee already has radio ads in Rivera's district referencing the investigation.

Lunch Money

We told you last week Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich was suing the operators of a congressional cafeteria for $150,000. He says they sold him a sandwich with an un-pitted olive that caused extensive dental damage.

Kucinich now says he has settled with the defendants for an undisclosed sum and hopes he won't be making another dental visit for a long time.

Judicial Review

And finally, New York Senator Chuck Schumer says everyone here in Washington needs to compromise to fix the debt crisis.

Schumer explained during an interview Sunday -- quote -- "we have three branches of government. We have a House. We have a Senate. We have a president. All three of us are going to have to come together and give some."

Of course Schumer forgot entirely about the judicial branch that equally shares power with the executive branch and the legislative branch.

Schumer's office said it was a slip of the tongue and that he was referring to the three parties at the table.