How Focused Has Obama Been on Gulf Oil Crisis?

One Mind

President Obama has consistently disputed the notion that he is not focused enough on the Gulf oil spill.

The president said last week: "This entire White House and this entire federal government has been singularly focused on how do we stop the leak."

The website PolitiPage disputes the "singular" focus, counting two days of media events, three days of fundraising, four commemorations, six days of vacation, six days of campaigning, six sports events, and seven days of golf since the start of the crisis.

All You Need Is Love?

Wednesday night at the White House Paul McCartney ended his concert by taking a swipe at former president George W. Bush: "After the last eight years, it's good to have a president that knows what a library is."

Last week we told you here on the grapevine about Karl Rove's annual reading competition with Mr. Bush. Rove wrote in The Wall Street Journal that in 2006 the president read 95 books, and 51 in 2007, along with reading the bible cover to cover each year.

It's not clear how many of the books came from a library.

True or False?

Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer is the latest politician to make a questionable claim about a war record.

Brewer was responding to comparisons between her state's immigration laws and the Nazis. She told the Arizona Republic that her father "died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany." But her father actually worked in a Nevada munitions factory during World War II -- and passed away a decade later.

The governor's office says Brewer's father died from fumes he inhaled at the factory and that, "she wasn't embellishing the story at all."

Republican Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois has admitted two misrepresentations of his military service. Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has acknowledged falsely stating he had fought in Vietnam.

Fly Into a Rage

British Airways has apologized for a picture of a boarding pass in the name of Usama bin Laden.

The image appeared in the company's internal staff magazine at Heathrow Airport. British Airways tweeted: "A mistake was made and we are working to find out how this occurred. Apologies for the error."