Is Congressman Etheridge a Repeat Offender?

Friday Follow-Up

Leading off the Friday Follow-Up, word of a second run-in between a student and North Carolina Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge, but this one happened 14 years ago. 

A local newspaper reports then-high school senior Brandon Leslie says he ran into Etheridge, who was running for Congress at the time, at a football game. Leslie, now a self-described Democrat, says he asked Etheridge repeatedly about his stance on an education issue and, "that's when he grabbed me by the shoulders, he shook me, he said 'son, you need to learn to respect your elders.'" 

Etheridge's office distributed a statement from the former high school principal, who said he saw the incident first hand, and the student was in the wrong.

The congressman apologized earlier this week after a video surfaced showing him manhandling a persistent questioner recently. The encounter was covered by all the big papers but never made it into the broadcast network nightly news shows.  However, last week "ABC World News" did cover the Carly Fiorina open mic comment about Barbara Boxer's hair. 

Politico reports the National Republican Senatorial Committee is using the Etheridge confrontation to warn its members to be polite and not to make physical contact with any videographers.

Easy Being Greene

South Carolina Democratic nominee Alvin Greene, whom we told you about earlier, may not have a lot of campaign cash, but he certainly has self-confidence.

He told Time magazine, "I am the best candidate for the U.S. Senate in South Carolina, and I am also the best person to be Time magazine's man of the year."

Gun Control

A Rhode Island boy was forced to leave his homemade patriotic-themed hat at home because the toy soldiers he'd placed on it carried  guns.The school says it has a strict no weapons policy, even on clothing. 

The retired commander of the state's National Guard came to the boy's defense, because, "the American soldier is armed.  That's why they're called the Armed Forces."