Civil Rights Activist Jesse Jackson Is Going Green

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Picture Imperfect

West Virginia Republican Senate candidate John Raese is being criticized for a TV ad that includes an image of Democratic opponent, Governor Joe Manchin, with President Obama taken at the late Senator Robert Byrd's memorial service. Raese and Manchin are running in a special election to fill the remainder of Byrd's term.

Raese's campaign defended using the picture saying they didn't realize the stock photo was from the memorial service. But Byrd's family called for the campaign to withdraw the ad.

Summer Fling

After a three-month stay, Sarah Palin's not-so-welcome neighbor in Wasilla, author Joe McGinniss, is packing up and heading for his home in Massachusetts.

When the Palins realized earlier this year that the new guy next door was doing research for a book about the former governor, they added on to an existing eight-foot-tall fence between the properties.

McGinniss says he stayed busy all summer, but minded his own business. No word yet on how the Palins are taking his departure.

Writing on the Rug

The Oval Office recently got a make-over, but the item that is getting the most attention is the carpet that features famous quotes from past presidents and one from Martin Luther King, Jr. The quote attributed to King reads: "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

However, The Washington Post points out that phrase isn't original to King, but that he paraphrased it from a Unitarian minister named Theodore Parker who said it back in 1853. A White House spokesman wouldn't comment on the article, but said "the quote on the rug is what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said. The quote in the story is different."

Grand Theft Auto

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson led a rally for green jobs in Detroit last week, but his travel took a more environmentally-friendly turn after his rented Cadillac Escalade SUV was stolen from outside his hotel.

Jackson defended choosing the gas guzzler for the green event, telling AOL News his wife drives a Smart Car.