Al Gore's Personal Life Takes Another Blow

What Happens in Portland...

Portland, Oregon police say they could not find enough evidence to support a claim by a massage therapist that  former Vice President Al Gore had what was called unwanted sexual contact with her.

The county district attorney says a lawyer representing the woman contacted police in late 2006. But the woman then refused to be interviewed and wanted the matter dropped. She contacted police again in January of last year and gave a statement saying Gore tried to have sex with her during a massage appointment at an upscale hotel. Gore reportedly registered at the hotel as Mr. Stone.

In her taped statement to police, he recalls telling Gore, "You're being a crazed sex poodle."

A Gore spokesman says the former VP has no comment. Earlier this month Gore and wife Tipper announced they were separating. 

Crime and Punishment

Former Detroit Democratic Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been charged with fraud and tax crimes. He's already serving time in a state prison on an unrelated criminal case. 

Federal prosecutors accuse him of living the high life while milking $640,000 from a tax-exempt charity that he created as a way to improve Detroit's image. 

The indictment says Kilpatrick used the money to pay for yoga, golf, camp for his kids, travel, cars, political polling and much more. Kilpatrick's lawyer says he'll fight the charges. 

Tax Racket

The Treasury Department's inspector general says more than 14,000 people have wrongly received almost $27 million in homebuyer tax credits.

Almost 1,300 of them were prison inmates who pocketed more than $9 million despite being locked up when they claim they bought homes.