Grapevine: Pricey travels for Sec. Panetta

High cost of defense secretary's trips home


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Ruff Patch

We have already reached the dog days of the campaign.

Much has been made of Mitt Romney's Irish setter Seamus riding in a kennel strapped atop the car on a family road trip.

Well now President Obama is dealing with his own pooch problems.

The Daily Caller noted President Obama wrote in one of his best-selling books about being fed dog meat as a child in Indonesia.

Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod dinged Romney months ago, tweeting a picture of President Obama and Bo the dog riding in a car, saying - quote -- "how loving owners transport their dogs."

In response to President Obama's dog kerfuffle a Romney strategist hit back re-tweeting Axelrod adding -- quote -- "In hindsight, a chilling photo."

The Twitterverse exploded last night with the story, with hashtags like #ObamaDogRecipes that included "beagles with cream cheese" and "chicken poodle soup."

Fly Away Home

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he wants to find ways to save taxpayer money since his frequent trips home cost you about $32,000 apiece.

The Associated Press reports Panetta has taken 27 roundtrip flights to California on the military equivalent of a Gulfstream jet since becoming secretary last July.

He is required to travel on military aircraft with specific communications aboard.

A former adviser tells Fox, Panetta's predecessor, Robert Gates, traveled home roughly three times a year to his home in Washington state.

Smoke 'em out

Finally, the University of Colorado in Boulder has high hopes it can avert thousands coming to campus Friday to participate in an annual pot smoking event dubbed 4/20. The school has been swamped with pot smokers in years past for this event.

Officials will close the school to outsiders. Trespassers could face a hefty ticket or jail time.

Local reports say the school will also spread fish fertilizer across the quad making it virtually un-inhabitable.