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Bill O'Reilly: Personal generosity and social justice

Talking Points 4/16


By Bill O'Reilly

President Obama and Vice President Biden have released their 2011 tax returns. And once again what they donated to charity is instructive. As you may know, the President and the Democratic Party in general want tax dollars to be redistributed in order to impose social justice on the nation.

Republicans oppose that, supporting safety nets but not cradle-to- grave entitlements. Now, last year the President and Mrs. Obama made about $800,000 and they donated 22 percent of that to charity, very generous. The largest contribution was to the Fisher House, which helps military families.

But Vice President Biden is another story. He donated just over one percent of his entire income to charity. That's paltry; some might say that's cheap. But that is what the Vice President has done every year since he has been in office. By contrast, it's estimated that Mitt Romney donated 19 percent of his 21-million-dollar income to charity last year. We won't know for sure until his tax returns are released.

In his second-to-last year in office President Bush the younger donated 18 percent of his income to charity. Dick Cheney donated 5.5 percent. However, in 2005, the Cheney's donated a whopping 77 percent of their almost $9 million in income to charity.

Bill Clinton was also generous in his personal donations but not so Al Gore. In fact, in 1997 as Vice President, Gore made about $200,000. He donated $353 to charity; 0.2 percent. And Gore is a rich guy. His father made a fortune in oil.

A book called "Who Really Cares," by Arthur Brooks studied charitable donations made by liberals and conservatives. Brooks says that conservative Americans give about 30 percent more to charity on average than households headed by liberals.

And that's backed up by a Google study which says conservatives give almost twice as much to charity as liberals do. There is no question that Americans who believe in self-reliance are more generous to those in need than folks who espouse a federal nanny state. The importance of this data cannot be underestimated because millions of Americans are now locked into a mindset that the feds will take care of the poor and the sick. And that they themselves don't have to do anything.

I mean, Vice President Biden and Al Gore should be embarrassed by their lack of generosity. Charitable giving is obviously a personal matter. But it does say something about character. We're living in a very, very selfish time and that trend is becoming more entrenched but the cold truth is, the federal government is almost bankrupt. So we the people have to help each other.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinhead & Patriots

According to the state of California, Pamela Anderson owes a lot of back taxes. Look at that hat. Very nice. More than a half million dollars, does Pamela, as the state has filed a lien against her. That was back in 2009. And she still hasn't paid up.

We called Miss Anderson's spokesperson for a comment, because that's the fair thing to do. And they completely ignored us. Just like she is completely ignoring the state of California. "Pinheads", take it to the bank. Pardon the pun.

Does Wesley Snipes know about this?