If Julia Louis-Dreyfus is 'very satisfied' with Obama, why isn't America?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has luxury of endorsing policies that have no effect on her


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: This is the breaking news alert from Greg's secret fort made of pillows. We've just received word that actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus has announced she will be voting for President Obama. I repeat, Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be voting for President Obama.

Roll tape, roll tapers.


JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS, ACTRESS: I'm very satisfied with the president and I'm looking forward to voting for him again very soon.


GUTFELD: Calls into the White House have not been returned, although there is word that a dog has been vacuumed.


GUTFELD: Shocking stuff.

The actress' decision follows Obama's delaying of the Keystone pipeline. Wonder where he got that idea?


LOUIS-DREYFUS: Remember when President Obama said let us be the generation that ends the tyranny of oil? Man, that was great. Except I just checked and right now, big oil is still pretty much running the show.


GUTFELD: I loved her in "Jaws."

But, hey, what she going to say about President Obama? That she's not voting for him? She's got a new show and it's got to go beyond week three.

Meanwhile, Fox News finds although Julia's pleased with the country's direction, America is not. When ask if they're satisfied with how things are going, 67 percent said no. To put that in perspective, that's 67 out of 100, or 6,700 out of 10,000 or .67 out of 1. Math is fun.

Am I right, tired baby sloth?


GUTFELD: Me too.

So, how can a rich actress be happy while the rest of us are not? Well, she can afford to be. Being at the very, very top of the 1 percent, she has the luxury of endorsing policies that have no effect on her, whether it's nixing a pipeline or your cash on the solar silliness, her awesome lifestyle will always be safe, like the patriotic millionaires flanking Obama as he pushed his envy tax. They like it because they can't feel it.

This has been a breaking news alert from Greg's secret fort made of pillows.

Now back to Bob Beckel, shaking his head and calling his bookie.


BOB BECKEL CO-HOST: Yes. Gee, that was interesting.

First of all, what went through your mind when you wrote that thing? I mean with the sloth and with that dog and -- I mean what was that?

GUTFELD: Well, A, it's Friday.


GUTFELD: And, B, a monologue about a celebrity endorsing a president is not exactly the most interesting idea.

BECKEL: But a sleeping sloth is, I get it.

GUTFELD: That was a symbolic protest.

BECKEL: You know, if you're Obama, it's better to have those endorsements than not have them. One thing is for sure, Mitt Romney doesn't.


BECKEL: They'll raise a lot of money on how --


DANA PERINO CO-HOST: I think I disagree. I think that --

BECKEL: Well, who cares about what Hillary Rosen says?

PERINO: I think the left's pushing Obama so hard on Keystone actually has backfired and hurt them.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. I mean, the fact is, when you think about it, Andrea, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Matt Damon are controlling our drilling policy.

TANTAROS: Which is kind of scary.

BECKEL: Just so you don't take this from me, from Bob's almanac, go check with the Gallup people and ask them when they put out the question about the pipeline on one of their polls, they didn't have enough people to respond to make a percentage on it.


BECKEL: People don't care.

TANTAROS: By the way, Nebraska, you keep saying Nebraska. They voted in favor of the pipeline this week.

ERIC BOLLING CO-HOST: I don't want to cut you off, but what are you saying?

BECKEL: What I'm saying is --

BOLLING: That people don't understand the Keystone pipeline?

BECKEL: They don't think. It's like Hilary Rosen. Do you think people get up in the morning -- how many people in America you think know about this pipeline?

PERINO: A lot.

BOLLING: Eighty percent.

BECKEL: Oh, that's a -- 80 percent?

BOLLING: Eighty percent.

BECKEL: They don't know who the president is. Come on. What are you talking about that?

TANTAROS: I doubt that.

BOLLING: Anyway.

BECKEL: I mean the president of your organization.

GUTFELD: The Eric Bolling institute.

BOLLING: Anyway, there is a point where some celebrities get so outrageous that their support doesn't help a campaign. And I'm not saying Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but the Keystone pipeline is another of Obama's Achilles. You have to admit -- he can't be happy --

BECKEL: You're saying 80 percent of American people know about the Keystone pipeline.

BOLLING: I would say yes.

BECKEL: I'd like to ask to see if you get the Gallup people to weigh?


TANTAROS: Maybe the Beckel institute poll.

BECKEL: I talked to a guy at Gallup. They have not polled because they don't have enough to make a percentage.

Now they will. They will. In time, it will happen, maybe.

GUTFELD: What do you think about the fact rich folks, celebrities who support the president vocally can because they don't feel the consequences. Patriotic millionaires say, oh, take this because they got a $100 million.

PERINO: When she taped the PSA, or whatever you call it, about the -- little ad about Keystone. Guarantee she took a private jet or she drove in a car, in a limo, car service, in order to get there in order to make that statement. They are -- I think they just hurt themselves. I think they look more hypocritical.

Also, she's in the new show, "Veep". What would Hollywood do without Sarah Palin?

BECKEL: More rich people vote for Republicans. That's all they think about.

TANTAROS: Can I respond to Greg's original question before Bob?

GUTFELD: Yes, go ahead.

TANTAROS: OK. No, just teasing you, Bob.

The point you made about Julia Louis-Dreyfus is now driving our policy, I do think that the president when he hobnobs with these celebrities, I do think they tell them certain things that he listens, but this is why I do think it's damaging, celebrity endorsement. It may be more in 2008.

His whole mantra this time around is soak the rich. It's -- as you said, Dana, it's the hypocrisy, it's when they see him jet-setting around the country. We'll get to his taxes coming up, but he's paying all this money, taking a deduction, and he's spending time with rich people. It doesn't look good.


TANTAROS: You know, Julia Louis Dreyfus cannot identify with any of us.

BECKEL: Can I just tell you the bottom line here is that many, many, many more rich people vote Republicans than vote Democrat period.

GUTFELD: But at least --

BECKEL: They're going to get paid for doing it.

GUTFELD: Yes. But they're --

BECKEL: Greg just said about rich people who do --

GUTFELD: Because rich people are voting for policies that help people make money. The less rich vote for policies that don't help other people make money.

BOLLLING: We should have kept the dog vacuuming video.

GUTFELD: I fought for that. I fought for that. By the way, I'm trying that when I get home, and I don't have a dog.


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