Left's war on women

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF "HANNITY": All right. We continue now with former Alaska Governor, Fox News contributor Sarah Palin. Great to have you in New York.

I found this quote considering, you know, Obama's, oh, it's unfortunate, whatever his benign comments were. This is Barack Obama in May of 2008 on "Good Morning America." Watch this as he talks about his wife, Michelle.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: The GOP, should I be the nominee, I think can say whatever they want to say about me, my track record. If they think that they’re going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful because that I find unacceptable. The notion that you start attacking my wife or my family, Michelle is the most honest, the best person I know. She is one of the most caring people I know. She loves this country. And for them to try to distort or to play snippets of her remarks in ways that are unflattering to her I think is just low class. And I think most of the American people would think that, as well. Whoever is in charge of the Tennessee GOP needs to think long and hard about the kind of campaign that they want to run and I think that's true for everybody, democrat or republican.

MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY: We’re trusting that the American voters are ready to talk about the issues and not talking about the things that have nothing to do with making people's lives better.

OBAMA: But I also think these folks should lay off my wife. All right.


HANNITY: Lay off my wife, low class, unacceptable. Is that the type of campaign you want to run? Why didn't he say that about the attack on Governor Romney's wife?

PALIN: You know, that is the perfect sound bite I think that you just showed that shows that double standard, I think there's legitimacy in that conversation that he had there, speaking about his wife. That she's an intelligent woman. It's unfortunate, though, that the man that she married has been so unserious and unintelligent when it comes to the policies that should be implemented to get our country back on the right track.

HANNITY: All right. Let's talk about the campaign. And you are convinced Romney’s it now? Do you think it's pretty much over?

PALIN: Well, let me put it this way, I don't want Newt to drop out. I don't want Ron Paul to drop out because I want debate still on the ideas that both of the other candidates have been able to espouse and explain to the country. I want Ron Paul's message about cutting the budget, about the economic woeful times that we are in and what we can do about it, I want those to continue to be discussed and Newt has some good ideas, too.

HANNITY: Are you convinced, because you spoke about this at an earlier time during the primary, are you convinced, as time has gone on, that Governor Romney will govern as a solid, strong conservative or do you still have doubts?

PALIN: I am convinced that Governor Romney, if he is our nominee, and if he is elected president, he will know to surround himself with those who inherently know to go right, to error on the side of smaller, smarter government and that gives me a lot of comfort.

HANNITY: I asked you the last time, who would be a good VP choice, you said to go rogue, you mentioned one name was Allen West.


HANNITY: I spoke to him since then and told him about your endorsement as a possible choice, he said he would accept, if asked. Who else would be a good choice for Governor Romney if he’s the nominee?

PALIN: I’ll tell you Sean, there is long list. There is a deep bench of those. And not necessarily, do you have to be a politician to be considered a good potential candidate for VP; maybe somebody who just knows how to make a payroll and meet a budget and knows how to help create jobs in the private sector. Someone of that ilk should be considered perhaps.

HANNITY: How about you for energy secretary?

PALIN: Oh, you know, energy is my baby and today we got to work on some energy issues that will air tomorrow night with Eric Bolling on "Paying at the Pump" special for Fox. And, you know, it's another, it's a segment of our economy where we have so much potential. God has just dumped resources under foot and we're not responsible...

HANNITY: Last question. How do you fight back against the class warfare, the negativity, the attacks, which I think will define this campaign? I think the president that talked about we aren't a red America, a blue America, we are the United States of America, this going to be a very different campaign. What is the best way to fight back?

PALIN: Well, we have to fight back. And people have got to be aware that America cannot afford four more years of what we have been under, what has been done to America, with this fundamental transformation of our great country that we have been promised in the campaign. And that was coming to fruition. And that's why we have high unemployment, that's why we have outrageous energy prices that are just going to keep increasing. We have all of these problems that have got to be faced as one united America. We have got to get back to the Constitution being the blueprint towards that more perfect union. And if we elect constitutional, common sense conservatives who understand,

HANNITY: The country will be better off.

PALIN: .that government is not the answer.

HANNITY: But you got to fight.

PALIN: We have to fight. We cannot retreat. As my dad says all the time, he tells me personally, Sarah, don't retreat, re-load. That's what we have to tell the people of America. That's not in-sighting violence, it's telling people in the arena of ideas and at the ballot box, you re-load, you get those people in there who understand what the constitution is all about, how to defend our republic.

HANNITY: Governor, always good to see you in New York. Thank you so much for being with us.

PALIN: Thank you so much.

HANNITY: I appreciate it.

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