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Cavuto: Not your typical boss

OMGPOP CEO different then the rest


Let's just say, "not" your typical boss.

Before Dan Porter sold his gaming company to Zynga for 210 million dollars, he wanted to get some things in place.

Namely, all the workers he had laid off back on the job.

So Dan re-hired all of 'em.

The very same ones he had to let go just months earlier to keep the company afloat.

All back in…so they could all be part of the payout.

And man, to hear Melissa Arseniuk in "The Daily" tell it…we're talking serious payout.

Try 30 million bucks divided among 40 staffers…

Again, many of whom would never have been part of this deal had it not been for Porter dealin' 'em back in.

Think about that. A CEO who effectively diluted his shares, so that more could share.

Odd, don't you think?

Arseniuk quotes a research analyst who was flabbergasted…"I’ve never heard of something like that before," he said.

But then again, Porter's not like your typical tech titan is he?

I found myself asking; Would Bill Gates do that, or Mark Zuckerberg?

I don't think so. Maybe because they're geeks more drawn to computer code than Dan Porter...

More drawn to…well, drawings.

More than 50 million people have downloaded his Pictionary-esque app "Draw Something"…

His company OMGPOP's breakout hit.

….which might explain Zynga buying the game-maker.

Good for Zynga.

Really good for the game-maker.

Really, really good for the game-maker's workers, "all" its workers…even the laid off and suddenly re-hired ones.

In one brilliant stroke, re-drawing their future as gameful employees.

And re-drawing our image of game-changing bosses.

Take it from the daily article

No wonder every photo I see of Dan Porter he's smiling.

It's not just because he's rich.

But because he helped make a lot of other folks rich…as well.

Not because he had to.

Get this, because he "wanted" to.