The Real Obama: President's radical inner circle exposed

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: You are who your friends are, right? If we apply that saying to the president, well, we should all be very scared, because the list of his friends and those serving in his administration with questionable pasts and beliefs runs very deep.

Tonight, we continue to vet the president. We look at Harold Koh, the top legal adviser at the State Department. Now he espouses some of the most controversial and downright dangerous positions of anybody in Obama's inner circle.

In 2004, he compared the U.S. under President Bush to the likes of Iraq and North Korea saying, quote, "Several nations whose disobedience with international law has attracted global attention after September 11, most prominently North Korea, Iraq and our very own country, the United States of America. For shorthand purposes, I will call these three countries the axis of disobedience."

And then in 2007, he made this allegation against the Bush administration.


HAROLD KOH, LEGAL ADVISER, STATE DEPARTMENT: A key element of the Bush administration strategy on the war of terror is what I call the Tina Turner question, which is when the planes hit the tower, you suddenly say, what's law got to do with it?


HANNITY: And even alluded to President Bush as a torturer in chief, writing, quote, "We should resist the claim war on terror permits the commander in chief's power to be expanded into wanton power to act as torturer in chief."

Now Koh is also on record for firmly opposing the use of targeted drone strikes by the Bush administration, but it seems he is now singing a different tune when it comes to President Obama and his heavy reliance on the very same technique.

Here with reaction and closer look at President Obama's trusted advisor on all things diplomatic, Fox News contributor, Liz Cheney. Good to see you.

By the way, I hear your dad is doing fantastic.

LIZ CHENEY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Doing really well. Hosted the Easter egg hunt at their house the other day and doing very well and sends his best.

HANNITY: We're very, very, very happy. Can't wait until he goes hunting and fishing and enjoying life again.

CHENEY: As soon as he can, exactly.

HANNITY: You look at this. You look at Van Jones. You look at Brian Jennings, what are we to make of this?

CHENEY: Well, you know, and Harold Koh in addition to everything else, is one of the leading advocates of something called sort of the transnational theory of law. He really believes, has written extensively that international law should trump U.S. domestic law, should trump the U.S. Constitution. You know, in instances where you are talking about our first amendment rights for example, our right to bear arms.

You know, his view is that just because we have an individual right guaranteed in the constitution, if you've got international bureaucrats, folks in Brussels, international organizations with a different view, that different view should carry perhaps even more weight than the Constitutional rights.

HANNITY: I mean, when what do you make of this comparing us to Iraq and North Korea, you know, two terrorist regimes and --

CHENEY: You can't make this up. It's amazing to me, the extent to which, you know, folks who sort of sit in ivory towers, but are now in this administration, have these crazy ideas about how the world ought to work.

For this man, who said things that are demonstratively untrue about George Bush, about Dick Cheney and about John Yoo who talked about torture, who said things that were really slanderous, to now be advocating drone strikes, which I fully support the drone strikes.


CHENEY: I think they are important, but the drone strikes mean you don't get any intelligence. There are simply no legal or moral distinction that you can draw between taking out a terrorist, which is the right thing to do, and something far less injurious, waterboarding. I'd like to see him apologize frankly. I'd like to see him say look, I got it wrong.

HANNITY: The reason we're doing this vet the president segment is because I bet there are many people in this audience, which is well informed, and many people around the country that have no idea there have been so many radical appointments with so many radical points of view, an avowed 9/11 truther, avowed communist.

You know, we are just beginning to touch the surface. There have been many of them. Why do you think it's possible that all of these radical appointments were made with so little media scrutiny?

CHENEY: Well, I think you know the answer to that. I think this president has had the backing of most of the main stream media for most of his administration. I think it's also because at the end of the day, the American people, you know, it's very hard for us to believe how radical these people are.

What Herald Koh has espoused in terms of the pre-imminence of international law takes away American sovereignty. You know, he believes that treaties should apply to us even if they haven't been ratified. He sets out a system in which simply because an organization like the United Nations for example has expressed an opinion on an issue, that's something that judges in the United States should take into account. That means it's not the American people who are through the democratic process protecting our sovereignty.

HANNITY: Do you remember years ago people that talked about the concept of one world government were laughed at?


HANNITY: But really, isn't it really, in many ways when you give up the sovereignty of the United States of America, well, then who is in charge? Whatever happened to our rule of law, which is our Constitution? I mean, that gets thrown out of the window.

CHENEY: Right.

HANNITY: I mean, it's almost like some of the stranger conspiracy theories are advocated by the radicals in the administration.

CHENEY: And it goes back to something that you talked about many times, which is this notion that America is not a force for good in world. That America somehow should be constrained.

The fact that Barack Obama has encouraged these appointments, this man works for Hillary Clinton, works for Barack Obama, tells you something about the president's view of the world, which again is so radical it's hard for people to believe but it's very dangerous and makes all of us less secure, frankly.

HANNITY: You know, I doubt anybody else in the media is going to do this. Thank you for your insight. Thank you for understanding. Please send our best wishes to your dad. I'm glad he's doing so well.

CHENEY: I will, appreciate it.

HANNITY: It's a great story.

CHENEY: Thank you. Well, thank you for what you're doing, Sean.

HANNITY: Thank you.

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