Grapevine: Baseball figure's political foul

Miami Marlins manager suspended over Castro comments


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Disappearing Act

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's office says the state's largest teachers union is trying to hide the results of research that would prove schools have actually benefited from his changes in education funding.

Walker's move to cut collective bargaining for union members, including teachers, sparked the current recall effort.

His office assembled this chart that purports to show under Walker's reforms there were fewer layoffs, smaller class sizes, and more extracurricular activities than in years past.

The State Journal reports the union had posted those previous survey links on its website, however, they are no longer there.

Walker's office says it found the data in a different area of the website.

The union says last fall's survey results showing improvement are -- quote -- "too unique to compare to past ones," but, no word from the union on why the previous surveys were removed from the website.


Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for five games following comments he made about Fidel Castro.

Guillen told Time magazine he loves Castro and respects the retired Cuban dictator for staying in power for so long.

The remarks enraged Miami's large Cuban-American population.

Guillen apologized profusely again today and said his comments were misinterpreted by the reporter.