Grapevine: 'Bizarre' Sikh question for Gov. Haley raising eyebrows

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine.

Sikh Her Out

A question posed to South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley about Sikh taxi drivers is raising some eyebrows. Time magazine editor Belinda Luscombe asked this at the end of an interview: "In New York City, which you're visiting for a couple of days, a lot of our taxi drivers are Sikhs. If you get one, are you going to give him a slightly bigger tip?"

Haley laughs awkwardly, "I give the same tip to everyone."

Haley was raised Sikh before converting to Christianity.

Politico called it a bizarre question, and The Hill wrote, "Even if you get past the question itself, the context makes it even more insensitive considering Haley had just explained why she was no longer a Sikh."

Old College Try

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney needed a refresher course before delivering this attack against President Obama's time at college, Thursday: "We have a president who I think is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard perhaps."

Actually, Romney spent more time at Harvard than President Obama did. Romney enrolled in a four-year dual degree program at the Ivy League school. President Obama spent three years there earning his law degree.

For Peep's Sake!

Blame the parents.

An annual Easter egg hunt in Macon, Georgia, has been canceled because organizers say in years past

adults became violent while trying to collect eggs for themselves and their kids. Several children were reportedly trampled last year.

A Colorado egg hunt was canceled last month for similar reasons.

This is a special Easter message from the Grapevine -- Parents, chill out. The eggs are for the kids.