Tim Kaine's Unfortunate Timing

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Timing Is Everything

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine was the victim of unfortunate timing this morning. At 7:10 this morning, Matt Lauer asked the former Virginia governor about Bob Woodward's suggestion that an Obama-Hillary Clinton 2012 ticket was being considered.

Kaine said, "I think it's kind of like -- is [NFL player] Randy Moss going to get traded from the Patriots to the [Minnesota] Vikings? It's speculation, but I don't think there's anything to it." About an hour and a half later -- at 8:47 -- ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted: "Trade is done. Randy Moss to Minnesota for a third-round pick."

Someone Else's Money

A big chunk of California state welfare money meant to pay for rent and food is being spent in unintended ways and places.

The state social services department tells the Los Angeles Times that nearly $70 million were spent out of state, including in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Miami and on multiple cruise ships.

The department told Fox affiliate KTXL that there are legitimate reasons why folks would travel out of state to access their benefits, but says the state does not generate a report until someone has been doing it for more than a month.

Seal of Approval

And finally, there was a funny moment Tuesday during President Obama's speech to Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women Summit.

[Click here to watch]

He lost the presidential seal. The president went on to say that some staffer is sweating bullets over the fallen seal.