Should Members of Congress Pack Heat?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Packing Heat

Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert wants members of Congress to be able to carry concealed weapons in Washington, D.C., including inside the Capitol itself.

Many on the Hill are concerned about their security in the wake of the Arizona shootings. Gohmert notes some of his friends walk home from the Capitol and adds -- quote -- "there is some protection in having protection."

Gohmert did not say whether he would carry a weapon if his measure passes.

D.C. law prohibits people from carrying concealed weapons for self-defense.

False Start?

New Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin had a little trouble with the oath of office Monday at her inauguration.

Oklahoma's first female governor was sworn in outside in sub-freezing temperatures and promised to support, obey and "offend" the Constitution. The correct word is "defend" the Constitution.

In spite of the mix-up, Oklahoma's chief justice says there is no need to have a do-over since Fallin signed a written copy of the oath indoors right after the ceremony.

Fallin's spokesman says "clearly, she's going to defend the Constitution."

My Name Is...

And finally, Vice President Joe Biden must have feared that troops wouldn't recognize him when he showed up for a surprise breakfast visit in Afghanistan Wednesday.

He stuck out his hand and jokingly introduced himself to service members at Bagram Air Base by saying "Hi, I'm Joe Biden."