Shaky Foundation for Obama's Brother?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Shaky Foundation?

A watchdog group wants the IRS to investigate the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a charity founded in 2008 by President Obama's half-brother Abon'go Malik Obama to fight poverty and provide basic necessities to those in need. The charity named for the father they share has addresses in Kenya and Arlington, Virginia.

The foundation claims to be a tax exempt federally recognized non-profit but it is not. The National Legal and Policy Center reports the organization did register in Virginia in 2008 but has failed to renew since a requirement for soliciting donations there. There are no expense filings on record something the IRS requires of larger charities.

Malik Obama tells fox the organization is registered and is -- quote -- "at the stage of infancy fueled only by its mission and vision to help others."

Poetry Slam

Some on the right are upset that rapper and poet Common will be a guest of the Obama's during a poetry event at the White House Wednesday night.

The Daily Caller posted one of his spoken-word performances from 2007 where he talks about threatening to shoot police and issues a call to -- quote -- "burn a Bush," as in President Bush for starting the war in Iraq.

Common also criticized the media coverage of his and President Obama's former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright when the pastor's controversial sermons drew headlines during the last presidential race.

We asked the first lady's office for comment but have not heard back. The artist himself seemed amused by the dust-up, posting links to stories and joking on his Twitter feed.

End of Days

And finally, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver have separated after 25 years of marriage. They have four children.

The former California governor also announced recently he will return to Hollywood and star in a new drama called "Cry Macho."