Roland Burris Wants Another High-Profile Gig

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Mr. Mayor?

The mayoral race in Chicago is getting crowded. At least 20 candidates have filed petitions to get on the ballot there. The Chicago Tribune called it a "Mayoral Circus," as the paper reported that outgoing Illinois Senator Roland Burris waited until Monday's deadline before submitting paperwork to get in that race.

Another candidate filing Monday was Rob Halpin, who gained notoriety as the tenant living in the home of former White House chief of staff and fellow mayoral contender Rahm Emanuel.

Halpin's refusal to shorten his lease has created a headache for Emanuel, who is now having to defend his Chicago residency. One of the attorneys who is handling the challenge said -- quote -- "Unless they're all sleeping in the house together, I think that only one can be a resident of that house."

Look Who's Talking

Countries that continue to allow human rights violations within their own borders lined up to slam the United States. For the first time the U.S. agreed to be part of the United Nation's Universal Periodic Review earlier this month, allowing 56 countries to take aim at the U.S.

Iran, who is still considering stoning a woman convicted of adultery, told the U.S. that it needs to do a better job fighting violence against women.

North Korea, accused of starving its populace, said the U.S. should -- quote -- "address inequalities in housing, employment and education."

And Cuba, often charged with mistreating prisoners, advised the U.S. should ensure the right to food and health.

Welcome Mat

And finally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has responded to a joke President Obama made on Air Force One about taking a potential detour to see the South American leader.

The Daily Caller reports Chavez said -- quote -- "We would embrace [President Obama]," adding the two could -- quote -- "sit down to talk, to eat socialist arepas" -- a traditional corn-based pancake.