Riding the Waiver

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Riding the Waiver

The Health and Human Services Department has announced 221 new waivers from the coverage requirement in the new health care law. T hat brings the total number of temporary extensions (sic) to 1,372. Republicans say the waivers prove the law is fatally flawed.

Nursing homes and home care agencies are also asking for exemptions now so they do not have to provide health insurance to their employees.

The New York Times reports officials from those trade groups say depending on Medicare and Medicaid for revenue makes it difficult to provide health coverage to their workers.

Spilled Milk

Armed federal agents acting on behalf of the FDA last month raided an Amish farm in Pennsylvania for selling raw milk.

Demonstrators came to Capitol Hill today to protest the government position that transportation of raw milk across state lines constitutes illegal interstate commerce.

Texas Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has introduced a bill to allow the free flow of milk across state lines.

One free food advocate contends the FDA's raid against the farmer has -- quote -- "united people across party lines who see his right to provide customers with raw milk as part of a larger and expanding battle over the right of people to grow, raise, buy, sell, cook and eat the foods of their own choosing."

It's a Small World

And finally, two days after Navy SEALs killed Usama bin Laden, the Walt Disney Company filed for a trademark of "Seal Team Six."

If approved, it would cover -- in part -- toys, games, Christmas stockings, snow globes, entertainment services and some clothing.

Mediaite joked - quote -- "If major corporations don't instantly try to capitalize and wring every buck out of everything that happens, then the terrorists truly have won."