President Obama's Joke Falls Flat

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

In-flight Entertainment

President Obama popped into the press cabin on Air Force One during his trip home from Portugal over the weekend. He joked about taking a potential detour to see Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

But the president's joke fell flat with at least a few reporters. CBS' Mark Knoller tweeted: "Obama joked he'd have AF-1 fly home via South America so he could see Hugo Chavez. Some joke. "

And CNN's Ed Henry posted -- quote -- "POTUS a little punchy -- comes to press cabin on AF-1 and jokes he's stopping in South Am on way home from Europe to see Chavez..."

A for Effort?

Earlier this month, you'll remember, President Obama described the election results as a shellacking for the Democrats. Now, he's applauding the work of his supporters in the group Organizing for America:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: You guys organized the single largest midterm election effort in the history of our party.

You didn't sit this one out, even when the pundits said it was hopeless and because of that we are stronger. I know I can count on you... you guys know how to turn "yes we can" into "yes we did."


ABC News points out exit polls showed 29 million Obama voters from 2008 failed to show up in the midterms. Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse insists President Obama's message was about the volunteer effort and not the election results.

Royal Pain

Church of England Bishop Pete Broadbent probably won't be getting an invitation to the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Broadbent predicted on Twitter and Facebook that the couple's marriage would only last seven years at most. He has since apologized, calling his remarks "deeply offensive" and wishing the couple a happy and lifelong marriage.

Simple Twist of Fate

And finally, 1960's folk singer Joan Baez wasn't blowin' in the wind, but falling through it last week outside her California home.

Baez tumbled 20-feet down from her custom-made tree-house that has no walls, built -- she said -- to be able to sleep among the birds. Baez sleeps in the tree all summer long and as much as she can in other seasons, weather permitting.

The 69-year old was climbing down from the platform when she fell. She suffered only minor injuries.