Pork Barrel Spending in Pennsylvania?

Show Me the Money

Centers named for two Pennsylvania Democratic lawmakers are on track to receive $20 million in state aid at a time when local funds are being cut.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Democratic Governor Ed Rendell's budget includes projects devoted to housing the papers of Sen. Arlen Specter and late Congressman John Murtha.

Republicans criticized the plan, saying both Specter and Murtha were known for their ability to secure federal funds for projects back home. One critic says, "20 million to erect monuments to these pork barrel politicians is really a slap in the face."

Rendell says the projects will create jobs.

Outside the Boxer

Incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer is in a dead heat with Republican Carly Fiorina in California's Senate race. So Boxer is targeting a special constituency: the folically challenged.

Fiorina was caught in an open mic moment making fun of Boxer's coif as "so yesterday." So Boxer has decided to do the hair-do: "What if every single person who ever had a bad hair day -- male or female -- voted for me? I'd win by a landslide. So I decided I'm going after the bad hair vote."

In other hair news, Iran is getting out the clippers. The Culture Ministry says it is cracking down on Western hairstyles, including mullets, ponytails, Mohawks and long hair in general. Short cuts have been approved and hair gel is OK only in moderation.

Dog Day Afternoon

San Francisco is considering sending pet stores to the dog house.

The Chronicle reports the city's animal control commission will consider an ordinance tonight to ban the sale of all pets except fish. Residents would have to go to another city, adopt from a shelter or go through the classifieds to get their contraband critters.

Advocates want to curb the number of shelter drop-offs. But pet store owners say it would put them out of business.