Political Attack Ad Attacks Wrong Politician

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Note to Self

A teacher's aide in Texas is out of a job for sending a note home to a student's mother. Jackie Baldwin's 11-year-old daughter -- a special needs student -- came home with writing on her arm: "Call Jayne!! To nite!" in big letters with black marker.

When confronted, the teacher's aide admitted to the writing and apologized for forgetting to include a phone number. But besides misspelling the word "tonight," there was no "Jayne." Baldwin was supposed to call Pat, the coach for the school's Special Olympics team.

Jackie Baldwin is incensed that the teacher, who had access to a paper and pencil that the child always carries, quote, "decided to use my daughter as a chalkboard."

Not OK in OK

Oklahoma has postponed its Teach-Through-Rap program.

NewOK.com reports 15 teachers complained about the American history curriculum. The song "Old Dead White Men" describes President James Monroe's presidential term by saying:

"White men getting richer than Enron.

They stepping on Indians, women and blacks.

Era of good feeling doesn't come with the facts."

The song goes on to compare President Andrew Jackson's treatment of Native Americans to Hitler's Final Solution.

It's call Flocabulary and its CEO says Flocabulary isn't meant to be offensive, it's meant to get students thinking and initiate meaningful discussion. Flocabulary's website says its programs are being used in more than 10,000 schools nationwide.

Who's on First?

And finally, when crafting a personal attack ad, it's important to know the person you are attacking.

The pro-life group Americans United for Life is urging voters to dump "Congressman Ken Salazar." Trouble is, no such person exists. Colorado's John Salazar is one of a dozen Democrats targeted in a pre-election ad blitz.

AUL confused Salazar with his brother, former Colorado senator and current interior secretary, Ken Salazar. The 60-second ad blasts "Ken Salazar" five times.

A corrected ad will be aired.