NFL Throws Flag at Veteran Democratic Senator

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Out of Bounds

The NFL is flagging Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold's latest political ad. It uses an unauthorized clip of Randy Moss pretending to moon the Green Bay crowd in 2004.

Feingold says the Moss celebration and others are similar to how his challenger seems to be declaring victory prematurely. Polls show Republican Ron Johnson with a lead over Feingold.

The NFL says the league did not license the footage and has contacted the senator's campaign about removing it.

Look at Me

A former Democratic presidential candidate is blaming President Obama's teleprompter for recent struggles he's had connecting with voters.

Walter Mondale, who was also vice president under Jimmy Carter, says, "He uses these idiot boards to read speeches in television and I think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally with American voters."

Mondale lost the 1984 election to President Ronald Reagan. He picked up just 13 electoral votes, winning only D.C. and his home state of Minnesota.

Non-Apology Apology

And finally, Italy's prime minister is getting flack for an off-color joke he made on his 74th birthday last week. The head of Rome's Jewish community joined the Vatican newspaper and others blasting Silvio Berlusconi for his quip about Jews, money and the Holocaust.

Berlusconi sort of apologized, maintaining what he said wasn't a sin or an offense just a joke and that the bad taste was in those who published it.

This is not the first time Berlusconi's mouth has gotten him in trouble. Berlusconi described then-President-elect Obama as, "young, handsome and even tanned" and has also joked about Hitler returning to power.