Jury Probes John Edwards Cover Up

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

The Cover Up

A federal grand jury is looking into how much former North Carolina Senator John Edwards knew about money used to cover up his extramarital affair and out-of-wedlock child and whether campaign finance laws were broken.

The Associated Press reports several political organizations and individuals connected to the former Democratic vice presidential candidate are being examined.

A former Edwards' aide contends his boss was aware of money being funneled to pay for the cover-up. Edwards' attorney says he does not believe the former senator violated any election laws.

A Way With Words

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage changed his plans to attend a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day breakfast this morning, just days after telling critics to -- quote -- "kiss my butt" over his decision to skip other holiday weekend events.

The NAACP's state director had said the group felt it was being neglected by the new governor.

LePage responded -- quote-- "Tell them to kiss my butt. If they want to play the race card, come to dinner and my son will talk to them." LePage's 25-year old son is a black Jamaican, whom LePage took into his home eight years ago.

The NAACP's president called LePage's comment inflammatory. The governor's spokesman said it was never about race, but instead about a special interest group.

What Not to Wear

Swiss bank UBS is revising its 44-page style guide after it was mocked for suggesting employees wear skin-colored underwear and avoid garlic breath.

The current dress code tells female employees how to apply makeup, what kind of perfume to wear and encourages them not to show roots if they color their hair.

Men are told how to knot their ties and to avoid unruly beards.

Both sexes were advised to avoid garlic or onion breath.

Not Just for Show

And finally, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman explained to The New York Times why he's almost-always seen with showgirls on his arms at events.

The Democrat turned independent said of his companions -- quote -- "They're usually very bright, very statuesque, wearing plumage and a very skimpy, shall I say, outfit. They take my arm. They hold my gin."