Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

Solitary Man

Despite two rooms full of big spenders hoping to dine with him, President Obama chose to eat with none of them.

The New York Post reports the president schmoozed last week with about 100 high-paying Democratic guests in New York, all of whom shelled out more than $30,000 apiece for a chance to dine with the president. But, at the first stop, he reportedly went to a private room at the Four Seasons to eat a steak dinner with two of his aides and only those two aides.

After that fundraiser, President Obama headed to a dinner party at the home of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, where he also skipped the meal. He did make the rounds; chatting with designers such as Calvin Klein and Vera Wang -- many of whom wanted to talk about stimulating jobs in the fashion industry.

In the Clear

A sexual harassment case against former Vice President Al Gore has been dropped.

A masseuse in Portland, Oregon accused Gore of groping and assaulting her in 2006 when she gave him a massage in his hotel room. But the Portland district attorney's office threw out the case, citing contradictory evidence and conflicting witness statements.

It also said the woman and her lawyers were uncooperative, refused to say whether she was paid by a tabloid newspaper for her story and that she failed a lie detector test.

Hot Wheels

A blood drive in Ohio will leave one person driving away with some hot wheels. In an effort to boost donations, the state chapter of the American Red Cross is offering donors a chance to win a car or a horse-drawn buggy.

The Red Cross didn't want to exclude its significant contingent of Amish blood donors, so the winner will be able to choose between a brand new car or a custom made buggy.