Grapevine: Blood in the Water?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Blood in the Water?

The sharks are circling around first-term Florida Republican Congressman David Rivera who is under investigation for a series of financial irregularities, both personal and campaign-related.

Politico reports Democrats are already speaking with candidates who could potentially run to replace Rivera, if he is forced to step down.

A senior house GOP aide calls it only a "matter of time before the eighth shoe drops" -- referring to Rivera's compiling ethics issues. And one Florida Democratic strategist went so far as to say, "I'd be shocked if [Rivera] even lasts through the end of his term."

Waste Management

The House compost heap is getting dumped.

California Republican Dan Lungren says he's ending the composting program championed by then-speaker Nancy Pelosi as part of her "Green the Capitol" initiative.

Under Pelosi, Styrofoam and plastic materials were discontinued at House eateries and replaced with biodegradable alternatives. Waste was shipped to a composting site in Maryland.

The House Administration Committee chairman says it was costing taxpayers $ 475,000 a year and cited an internal review that showed the impact made by the program was equivalent to taking just a single car off the road annually.

Last month, Lungren told The Washington Post he was hearing bipartisan complaints that the biodegradable utensils kept falling apart while people were trying to eat.

Food Fight

Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has his own complaint over a sandwich bought in 2008 from a congressional cafeteria that he says was unfit to eat. Kucinich is suing cafeteria operators for $150,000.

He says an errant olive pit in his sandwich wrap caused "serious and permanent dental and oral injuries... including significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment."  

As of show time, Kucinich nor his office staff were commenting.