Grapevine: Another spending scandal at GSA?

Fed agency under microscope for employee incentive program


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Money Is No Object

The federal agency that burned through nearly a million dollars on a luxury work conference in Las Vegas is under the microscope again for spending a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars on an employee incentive program.

A House subcommittee is expanding its probe to include the general services administration's "Hats Off" program that doled out gift cards, iPods and other gadgets for good work around the office.

That head of the GSA has already resigned following revelations the swanky Vegas junket featured a $3,200 mind reader and $7,000 worth of sushi.

That was in addition to $147,000 for airfare and lodging, and $75,000 for a team-building exercise.

Late today, the House Oversight Committee posted a video from the conference that includes employees joking about never being under investigation.


A GSA spokesman says the video is another example of the complete lack of judgment shown during the junket.

Patriot Games

In an effort to avoid controversy, a Massachusetts elementary school has sparked it, after removing the word "God" from a popular patriotic song.

Stall Brook Elementary School officials changed the lyrics from Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" to "We Love the USA" for an upcoming assembly.

Parents complained.

Late today, the school apologized and reversed its decision saying children will be able to sing "God Bless the USA"

"I Own This Town"

Finally, what is billed as the smallest town in the U.S. sold at auction today for $900,000.

An unidentified Vietnamese man placed the winning bid for Buford, Wyoming.

He will get a gas station and a convenience store, a 1905 schoolhouse, a cabin, a garage and a three-bedroom home.

The town's sole resident says he plans to retire from his unofficial duties as mayor of the unincorporated community.