Emanuel Fights Back

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Home Run?

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is challenging the credibility of a key witness for attorneys trying to get him tossed from the Chicago mayoral race.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Emanuel's lawyers have filed documents allegedly showing that Rob Halpin provided false information on an application to rent Emanuel's home.

Halpin is the tenant who refused to vacate the house and briefly ran for mayor.

Emanuel's team says Halpin listed a false landlord because he was being sued by his real landlord for non-payment.

Lawyers behind the challenge to Emanuel's residency say that they do not expect the new documents to hurt their case.

Emanuel contends he has continued to pay Chicago property taxes and Illinois state income tax and has other bills showing he remained a legal Chicago resident.


The parents of a New Hampshire teenager are trying to stop teachers from using a book that refers to Jesus as a "wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist."

The New Hampshire union leader reports Aimee and Dennis Taylor don't want Barbara Ehrenreichbook's "Nickel and Dimed" used in their son's personal finance class because of its characterization of Christianity.

They pulled their son from school and plan to go before the school board to ask that the book be removed from the curriculum.

Notable Quotables

Yale Law School librarian Fred Shapiro has released his fifth annual list of the most notable quotations of the year.

Tying for first were Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell's declaration, "I am not a witch" and Tony Hayward's comment to reporters during the height of the BP oil crisis, "I'd like my life back."

In third place, airline passenger John Tyner's reaction to a transportation security administration worker in mid-November, "If you touch my junk, I'm gonna have you arrested."