Coons Barks Back at Reid

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine.

Pet Peeve

Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons is getting dogged by comments made by Majority Leader Harry Reid who called Coons his "pet." Coons barks today, "I'm no one's pet. That was a very unfortunate choice of words by Senator Reid."

Four-Letter Word

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern says he did not realize cameras were rolling when he used the f-word to describe political opponents.

A local TV station reports Redfern was speaking to union members about critic in the Tea Party whom he said believed healthcare is a privilege, not a right. "Every time one of these f***ers says -- excuse my language."

Today Redfern told Fox, "It is what it is. I was speaking to 40 grizzled steelworkers."

Get It Write

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski admits it will tough to mount a successful write-in campaign after losing the GOP primary, but she says she is determined to educate voters on how to spell her name.

She might start with her own campaign staff. CBS reports an online ad directing folks to her website misspelled "Murkwski." The misspelled domain name belongs to an anti-Murkowski website.

Wanted: Copy Editor

Another spelling oops by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The sign read "CSA Army of Tennesse Hihgway," however, both "Tennessee" and "highway" were misspelled. The spokesman said there was no excuse for that error.

Lesson Learned

A billboard in Indiana praising public schools got attention for all the wrong reasons.

Local media report a company that does work for the city of South Bend left out the "l" in a digital billboard that was supposed to read "15 best things about our public schools." The company apologized for the unfortunate result and took full responsibility.