Campaign to Ignore Sarah Palin?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Silent Treatment

A liberal group is launching a new campaign to try to stifle a top conservative. Left Action says February 28th through March 4th is "Ignore Sarah Palin Week." Yes, that's what they say.

The group is encouraging people to sign a pledge promising to change the channel if she comes on TV, surf to another page if she pops up on the Web and turn to another article if she's mentioned in a newspaper or other publication.

But a blogger on the liberal Daily Kos website doesn't see the point, writing -- quote -- "You can demand that this blog and others simply stick our collective heads in the sand and pretend she isn't there. But we have every reason to take her seriously and treat her as roughly as possible."

Bad Review

Canada's National Library and Archives is going ahead with the screening of a documentary about the dangers of a nuclear Iran and the country's involvement in terror activities, despite anonymous threats and diplomatic pressure.

The Library received a complaint from the Iranian embassy asking that the film "Iranium" not be shown. Then it received threatening calls and letters. So, it pulled the plug on the screening.

But when Canada's heritage minister heard about the cancellation he went nuclear, saying free speech is a cornerstone of democracy and ordered the film be shown.

The Sound of Music

And British lawmaker Nadhim Zahawi got a lesson in what not to wear Wednesday, after his musical tie went off while he was speaking in the House of Commons.

Zahawi decided to auction off the tie and donate the proceeds to charity.