Campaign Calls Voters After Midnight

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

School Daze

It seems Vice President Joe Biden has been given the boot.

A campaign rally for Democratic congressional candidate Bryan Lentz was scheduled to take place at Radnor High School outside of Philadelphia, with Vice President Biden headlining the event. But Lentz's campaign says the school district canceled because of pressure from Republican school officials.

The school district tells Fox they would welcome a visit from the vice president after the November elections. Board members seemed divided: Democrats crying foul and citing a 2008 event at the high school by then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, while Republicans said the school shouldn't be used for political purposes.

Full-Court Press

One of the big money races in Illinois is not for House or Senate, but a seat on the state supreme court.

NPR reports nearly $3 million have flowed into Justice Thomas Kilbride's effort to keep his job. Here's the kicker: He doesn't even have an opponent. It has become the second most expensive judicial retention campaign in American history with donations going to ads, mail pieces and phone banks. More than $2 million have come in from the state Democratic Party and unions supporting Kilbride, who needs 60 percent support to stay on the bench.

There is an opposition group that is trying to oust the judge. It has brought in more than a half-million dollars.

Call Back Later

Some Nevadans are angry over a late-night robocall.

A group hoping to change the law regarding the selection of Nevada's state judges is saying sorry for an automated call that went out in the wee hours of the morning to 50,000 people telling them to vote yes on ballot question one.

But hours later another call went out, this time apologizing.


PAUL STONE, STONE'S PHONES INC.: I want to personally apologize for a call you received late last night. A human error and a computer error caused these calls to go out in the middle of the night. And it was entirely our fault.

Please do not punish question one for our error.