Bill Clinton's Advice for Democrats

Say this for Bill Clinton -- he's nothing if not politically savvy and he seems to remember what happened the last time Democrats and their president belittled the opposition when the country was turning against them.

Sixteen years ago, then-President Clinton campaigned all over the country against what he called the Republicans' "Contract on America." That, of course, a reference to the platform House GOP candidates ran on that fall.

The problem for Democrats was that the elements of the GOP's Contract With America were all highly popular. The Clinton attacks failed utterly to prevent a Republican takeover of the House.

Clinton is now urging fellow Democrats to listen to the Tea Party movement. After all, 45 percent of the public in a new poll out Monday view the Tea Party favorably, with only 35 percent holding the opposite view. Among independents, the swing vote in American elections, 48 percent view the Tea Party favorably.

But Vice President Biden has been speaking of "a Republican Tea Party of extreme candidates."

President Obama Monday said it was up to the Tea Party how they would accomplish the spending cuts they are demanding. Most citizens probably think it's up to the people who hold power to figure out how to control spending.

And how do independents plan to vote this fall? Fifty percent say they lean toward the Republicans; only half that number say they will lean Democratic.