Bill Clinton Up for Bid

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Put It On My Tab

Bill and Hillary Clinton want to end the year by ending Mrs. Clinton's leftover debt from her failed 2008 presidential campaign. Politico writes the former president is once again offering himself up to entice supporters to make a contribution of at least $5.

An e-mail to possible donors reads -- "Last year, we flew one of Hillary's biggest supporters to New York to spend the day with me. It was such a good time that I'd like to do it again."

The Federal Election Commission says Mrs. Clinton's outstanding debt from 2008 is still $479,000.

Holy Reversal, Batman!

Earlier this week, we told you the city of Berkeley, California wants to declare alleged WikiLeaker Army Private Bradley Manning a hero. Now Russia says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Guardian newspaper attributes the idea to an unnamed source inside Russian president Medvedev's office.

This is something of an about-face. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was said to be outraged at one leaked American cable comparing him to Batman and Medvedev to Robin.

Need for Speed

And several towns in the Czech Republic have found a way to slow down speeding drivers. Authorities say these life-sized cardboards of female police officers in mini-skirts are getting the job done.

The mayor of one town admits he slows down, but insists it is because of the uniform not the legs.

In a nearby location a radio station put a hat and coat on one so-called officer, but they were stolen in a day. And other fans made off with the cardboard cutout itself.