Barbie on FBI Watch List?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Barbie Blues

The FBI has issued a cyber crime alert for a new Barbie doll that it says could be misused to make child pornography.

The doll is equipped with a tiny video camera in a locket. The camera can capture up to 30 minutes of images which can be viewed on an LCD screen in the doll's back or downloaded to a computer.

A statement from Mattel, the maker of the doll, says -- quote -- "the FBI is not reporting that anything has happened. It has confirmed there have been no incidents of this doll being used as anything other than its intent."

Mattel officials add that despite the FBI warning the Barbie Video Girl doll has been nominated for the 2011 toy of the year.

Bottom Line

Iowa prisons could soon be making their own toilet paper to save taxpayer money and provide jobs to inmates. Two Iowa lockups are testing a single-ply tissue processed at a Missouri prison.

An associate warden says -- quote -- "it's not nice and fluffy, but the state is saying that this is an acceptable roll of toilet paper."

Iowa prisons use about 900,000 rolls a year and processing it in-house would save an estimated $100,000 annually. It would also create about 50 new jobs.

The director for Iowa prison industries is so confident in the plan that he sees the convict-made toilet paper potentially being used elsewhere in state government.

Highest Christmas Tree

And finally, a German man is facing drug possession charges after local police discovered a 6-foot marijuana plant decorated with Christmas tree lights in his home.

The French press agency says the man told officers that he had intended to add more decorations to the tree and place presents under it, according to tradition.

He was not the only German to celebrate the season with cannabis. Authorities detained a 21-year-old in possession of a homemade advent calendar, each door filled with marijuana instead of chocolate.