Fierce twisters, storms pound Dallas-Fort Worth area

Texas Lt Gov. David Dewhurst on damage


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": The lieutenant governor of Texas right now on the phone with me, David Dewhurst, on what has been going on there.

Governor, what can you tell us?

LT. GOV. DAVID DEWHURST, R-TEXAS: Well, just to follow up -- you got two David's in a row.


DEWHURST: Just to follow up on what the earlier David said, we have got storm systems all over both Dallas County, Tarrant County, Johnson County, Ellis County, severe weather.

And, ladies and gentlemen, if you get warnings to take shelter, please, go downstairs, ground floor, away from windows, inside hallways, and be as careful as you can. Local news, Neil, is reporting that there have been five tornadoes and most of the damage is in southwest Dallas County, including a lot of hail damage.

There is an unconfirmed report that a nursing home was damaged. We don’t have any report right now on any injuries and quite a bit of flooding. But, unfortunately, the state of Texas Emergency Management is very experienced in hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, so we are standing by.

We have state assets standing by, our Texas Department of Transportation on the debris cleaning -- on debris clearing. But, right now, the reports that we’re getting in is the local localities are handling the storm themselves.


CAVUTO: Go ahead, Governor.

DEWHURST: But, again, if you get -- folks, if you get any warning to take shelter, please, please, do not go outside. Be careful.

CAVUTO: In fact, what a lot of people do is they get a little cocky, right, Governor?

DEWHURST: Right. Right.

CAVUTO: They see, all right, the worst seems to be behind us and they go out. And that is when I'm told that a lot of the injuries, and worse, occur.

DEWHURST: That is exactly right.

CAVUTO: All right, well, Governor, be safe yourself. And thanks for what you’re doing, the lieutenant governor of the fine state of Texas.

DEWHURST: Thank you.

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