Obama blaming capitalism for struggling economy?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: President Obama is playing the blame game yet again. And this time, he appears to be pointing the finger at capitalism for America's abysmal economy. Well, on a campaign stop in Maine on Friday, he once again attacked Republicans, this time claiming that their economic strategy is not working. Their strategy? OK. And instead he is proposing that the federal government be responsible for pretty much, well, everything. Take a look.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: Their philosophy is simple. You're on your own. That is their view, that the only way the economy can grow is if, if you are out of a job, tough luck. Figure it out on your own. If you don't have health care, too bad. You're on your own. If you are a senior having trouble paying your prescription drugs, that's not our problem. If you are a young person coming out of poverty, pull yourself up by your own boot straps even if you don't have boots.

We won't win the race for new jobs and new businesses and middle class security if we cling to this same old worn-out tired you're on your own economics that the other side is peddling. I mean they act like we haven't tried it. We tried it.

You know, the idea that you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again even though it's been proven not to work. That is a sign of madness.


HANNITY: That is what we tried for three-and-a-half years, your policies and we have $5 trillion of debt and nothing to show for it, Mr. President.

Now, this sounds a lot like one of President Obama's oldest supporters and what he believes. This weekend, Bill Ayers attended a rally at the newest location of "Occupy Wall Street Union" Square. And in front of a large group of "Occupy" supporters, the unrepentant terrorist answered questions for almost an hour, engage supports and advice to occupy protesters. When asked how he has dealt with criticism over the years, he said, quote, "I get up every morning thinking today, I'm going to make a difference. Today I'm going to end capitalism. Today I'm going to make a revolution. I go to bed every night disappointed but I'm back again tomorrow. And that's the only way you can do it."

Joining me now with reaction, Fox News contributor, by the way dining friend of Bill Ayers, Tucker Carlson and Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers.

Let me go through, first of all, it's his economy, his stimulus, his budgets, his $5 trillion in debt, his failed policy, his high unemployment numbers, his bad housing. These are things he said he's going to fix. Let's go through this. Because almost every statement that he made is untrue. The philosophy is you're on your own. I don't know one Republican that says, you're on your own. They want to live within our means and not get $5 trillion in debt. He says that, you know, if you are out of a job, good luck. Republicans are not against unemployment benefits, they want to create jobs by creating incentives. He goes on to say, if you don't have health care, too bad, you're on your own. No, Republicans want health savings accounts. Hey says, too bad if you're a senior, you can't pay for your prescriptions, he obviously forgot about the Bush prescription drug program.

So, Tucker, everything he said here is just not true. Does he get away with this?

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It's a long way from -- and by the way, where did the accent come from? This guy grew up in Hawaii, all of a sudden used a certain words, it's like he's a southerner. It's phony. But in some deep way, it's real. This president has not had a ton of exposure to the market. I mean, he's spent his entire life cloistered away from young adulthood until now, in elite institutions where, you know, nobody is worrying about the next paycheck because it's guaranteed. You can't get fired from government jobs or jobs in about academia. I think he is deeply suspicious of capitalism. And I don't think he's ever pretended otherwise. And so, we shouldn't be shocked. I mean, this is -- he's been saying this the whole time.

HANNITY: Kirsten, there's a good point that Tucker is making here, and that is we have come a long way from 2008. You know, optimistic rhetoric, hope and change. He's going to heal the planet.

When he says the Republicans want dirty air and water and Republicans want kids with autism and Down syndrome and the elderly fending for themselves, similar to what he said here. You know, is that the same guy that people voted for in 2008? It doesn't sound like it.

POWERS: Well, I mean, look, I think when he talks about the health care, I think he is making a valid point. All the time that I saw the Republicans in control, including when they were in control of the White House and --

HANNITY: If you don't have health care, too bad?

POWERS: And that the House and -- I did not see them do anything about health care. I mean, suddenly everybody is interested in health care when they want to stop Obama's plan.

HANNITY: That's not true.

POWERS: I'm sorry, health savings accounts are not going to solve the problems in this country, Sean.

HANNITY: Health savings accounts would go a long way to help improve the system in this country. It would guarantee that everyone had control over their own doctors and control over their own destiny. And it would incentivize the people to get a checkup every year.

POWERS: And in terms of the autism and all that other stuff, I mean, you do know that Republicans were voting against mercury standards, right? I mean, actually they don't want mercury standards to protect the children from getting sick.

HANNITY: So Republicans want kids with autism and Down syndrome to fend for themselves?

POWERS: You can ask them why they are voting against it. I mean, ask them why the Catholic Church had to lobby them so that they would try to change their minds. I mean, that is what is going on. Don't pretend like this isn't happening.

HANNITY: All right, Tucker.

CARLSON: But there is no connection that has been established in the contrary to all the propaganda from the moronic Hollywood celebrities between mercury and vaccines and autism, just to be completely clear.

That is not proof, but look, a normal person with common sense hears a politician. This president gets up and says my opponent want old people to die. Who are you kidding? Is there an American who believes that? Aren't we sort of beyond it? Like talk to me like an adult. That's what Obama promised when he ran for office. I covered it. Now he's just talking like I'm an idiot.

HANNITY: You know what? But there's reason why he can't do this -- but the reason why is he can't run on his record. He can't run on his record.

CARLSON: Of course not.

HANNITY: That is going to be the greatest weakness he has in the campaign, Kirsten.

POWERS: I don't agree he can't run on his record. Even like this horror list you read about the economy does not jive with what's going on. I think the economy is turning around albeit very slowly. It's moving in the right direction. It's moving basically in the right direction. If you talk to anybody --

HANNITY: He's going to be the only president that has less jobs than when he took office.

POWERS: If you talk to most economists and you talk to people who are --


POWERS: On Wall Street, they will tell you that the economy is turning around.

HANNITY: No, they are not.

POWERS: Very slowly. Yes, they are, I'm sorry.

HANNITY: I'm sorry, it is not.

POWERS: Very slowly.

HANNITY: Tell it to millions of people in poverty or the people's whose homes are under water.

POWERS: Before the segment is over, I really would love to talk about the fact that you think that because Bill Ayers said something that means Barack Obama said it? I mean, what is the connection?

HANNITY: That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying it's interesting he's attacking capitalism. I'm saying that isn't it interesting -- Tucker spent time with Bill Ayers.

CARLSON: But why is he attacking anything I guess is the question. If the economy is turning around as Kirsten say, and by the way, I have most economists in here, in the studio with me and they disagree.

But let's just concede that that is true. Why isn't he giving speeches on that topic?

HANNITY: Because his policies failed.

CARLSON: Why isn't he continuing to inspire us? That's because he can't. That's why.

HANNITY: We got to break.

CARLSON: You ought to be disappointed.

HANNITY: Guys, good to see you both. Appreciate it.

POWERS: Great to see you.

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